A mid size Industrial / Freighter please. Still needs to be addressed!

Charon can carry around 1.1 to 1.2 million m3 fitted right. Bustard maxes out at around 60-70,000 m3. We need something in between!!! Something between an Industrial and a Freighter. Please fix this for us haulers! Something that will haul 200,000 m3 to 300,000 m3…a mid size hauler. There is a need here.

Why? Just use a freighter, or make multiple trips with a smaller industrial.

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Jump freighters are in between DSTs and freighters in terms of cargo size.

But it depends on your part of space if a ship is useful or needed.

In HS I could easily use DSTs and if I would need bigger, I can get a freighter. I see no real reason for ‘something in between’.

In more dangerous space I feel more comfortable flying a blockade runner, yet if I want to step up in size I’ll need to buy a Jump Freighter.

Aren’t jump freighters even more expensive than (normal) freighters?

If there would be something in between industrials and freighters it should also be in between cost-wise

If there are numerous combat ships from small to extra extra large, each class with more fire power, why can’t there be more haulers of different cargo sizes?

Yes they are.

Why should it fall in between DSTs and freighters cost-wise?

What would the purpose of these ships be?

If something cannot fit in a DST in one haul you can fit it in a freighter, or do multiple DST trips.

If you don’t need all the cargo size of a full cargo-expander modded freighter, you could swap to a bulkhead freighter for less cargo with much more survivability.

Or pick a jump freighter for a massive tank with even less cargo size.

There are a lot of options for haulers with various configurations, I’m not really seeing the additional value of another mid-size in between freighters and DSTs except ‘poor man’s freighter’.

If you want to move freighter-sized loads, which 200k-300k is, get a freighter. And if you don’t want to fly a freighter when a big part of the cargohold is empty, grab some additional hauling contracts on the route or buy cheap items that sell for more at the destination to fill the rest of your hold to increase your value per jump. That’s all part of the challenge of flying a freighter.

Adding extra ships for cargo sizes in between freighters and DSTs cannibalizes on the role of freighters and removes the challenge of filling your freighters for maximum efficiency. As such, I’m not sure if the positives of adding such a ship outweigh the negatives for the game.

Just buy a freighter.

A Providence (freighter) fitted with three Reinforced Bulkhead IIs
Cargo: 330,000 m3.
Tank: 550k EHP.

Nope, it has already been filled. Job’s a good 'un.

Unless, of course you mean “a paper thin gank target that people whine about loosing a fortune in”?
When hauling the issue is rarely “will if fit?” but “is this a sensible value to haul in this ship?”

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Id agree with the OP , it would be a good benchmark for larger PI runs , minerals , larger constructed ships .

Providence starts at 435 000 before skills not 2-3 hundred thousand and is much larger if you choose the expender fit over the tankier fit . Though i think 1.5 to 2 would be a farier size for a mid level hauler

With the greater expense that industry changes brought then a mid level ship or some buffs to the frighter itself seems called for , given they have buffed BS given there cost increase in the same pass .

Why would you even want to risk flying around with more volume of PI than fits in one Epithal during a PI run?

Dock up in between planets to unload your Epithal, which saves you unnecessary losses.

Yes, for larger transport of the PI from your local structure to the market it can be nice to have a bigger ship. Freighters and jump freighters fill that role nicely.

If you are hauling valuable bulky cargo it may be better to increase your EHP with bulkheads rather than decrease it with expanders. You would end up with less than the ‘starting cargo volume’ but with less risk of getting killed.

What’s the need? As noted, there are ships that fit in this model.

Is it a price issue?

I just think its something a number of people have asked about so there must be interest in such a ship .

I still think the price leap between t2 indies to haulers is a problem for small to mid level players who partake in industry or PI especially since that step was made some 50% greater during the industry changes .

No ?

A lot of people want less taxes but could not deal with the consequences of less taxes.

Many people can complain for no good reason.

If you can’t afford, use T1. That’s it. Or ask people to do the delivery for you. Don’t forget to pay them.

The problem is that you’re poor. and you want the game to provide you something for free. Well if everything is free, what’s the point in playing the game ?

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Is there something that disqualifies the Orca? Seems to me it can haul a fair bit of anything and a lot of some certain things.

it’s too expensive.

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Orca is another good hauling option. But also likely too expensive for what the OP wants.

They want to be able to haul freighter-sized loads, but without paying for a freighter.

I didn’t realize they had jumped in cost 2 to 3 times over what I had paid for the ones I acquired. I thought I remembered them being 600 to 800 million ish, give or take.

Sorry my bad meant to say the difference between t2 and freighters not haulers .

I think your misrepresenting the point of the OP , he wants to haul loads somewhere between a t2 and a freighter for a price somewhere between a t2 and a freighter .

Perhaps his estimate of what that load size might be was on the high side but i think his point still stands .

Ships for that load size already exist: Jump freighters have between 120k - 350k m3 cargohold depending on fit, with incredibly high amounts of hitpoints and jump capability.

Cheaper ships than jump freighters also exist to carry those loads: freighters themselves. A 200k m3 load fits in a bulkhead freighter with 350k m3. Yes, you would have 150k m3 free space, but you can pick up other hauling contracts or other goods to transport on that route to increase payout per jump.

It’s all part of the challenge of flying a freighter.

The OP wants to skip both the challenge of flying a freighter and skip the price of flying a freighter, by requesting a cheaper ship to be made for a cargo size range that already has a dedicated hauler.

I don’t see the added value to the game.

If he cannot afford a freighter yet, or like me does not want to fly a freighter, he can easily split the load and fly a DST a few more trips.

And when flying a DST multiple trips is not reasonable anymore considering the amount of m3 you need to move, then you get a freighter.

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Jump freighters are a specialist ship that you pay a massive premium for functionality obviously that doesnt fit what the OP is suggesting .

The freighter mentioned is massivly tanky and can carry massively more than suggested both of which justify there premium cost .

So imo the hole in the market still exists .

Also as an added point given CCP have reduced the cost per m3 of moving ore so dramatically by introducing compression, perhaps now is a good time to do the same with other bulky products as well .