Mid sized hauler

It’s probably been suggested before but I think both price wise and cargo space wise there is a massive difference between the basic T1 haulers and the freighter , especially while dealing with things like ore minerals and PI with there specialises holds

2 million 60,000 approx capacity

3 billion isk 1,000,000 approx capacity

Surely there’s room for something in the middle.

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And there are two ship types that are in middle.

Not in capacity unless your counting orcas . There’s T2 industrials but there more specialised craft for there cost.

Why would you not count the Orca? It’s in the middle…

I didn’t really include it as its designed as a different class of ship it’s not really a dedicated cargo vessel

Because it is not a hauling ship and requires a completely different skill training path than hauling ships.



You cant ever use cost as a basis to judge a ship. Cost is volatile and changes with the whims of players.

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I would definitely like to see a transport ship between DST and freighter.

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Fit your freighter with nanos/inertia stabs.

I would agree orcas are on an entirely different skill ’ branch ’ also they don’t really outperform DST s by much except in the specific case of ore or ships .

To some degree it’s also a matter of material cost which players don’t have control over entirely , if you need to gather/buy a certain amount of material for a hull then it’s cost is somewhat defined ( ie more than something else by a certain factor , its all relative) .

Also I’m observing a hole in the market and available ships not entirely by cost alone but by effectiveness.

I do wish they had 250,000 versions of the tier 1 industrial s like the Miasmos in the battleship class range, this would turn 5 trips into 1, while keeping jump gate costs lower.

Right now its impossible for ordinary null sec players to haul in their own minerals to build things, putting us at the mercy of rip off hauling services that will charge you 250,000,000 to bring 250,000^3 units of anything even so much as one cyno jump from high to null or vice versa (getting PI mats back to high sec is just as cost prohobitive)

Letting players have BS version of a hauler for specialized types of cargo will actually facilitate a lot of trade between high sec and null sec, which would be nice in the age of scarcity.

It would also make for a lot of shiny killmails early on, since a lot of people don’t udnerstand how to scout ahead of hauling routes and give low-sec pirates something to look forward to again (cuz filaments removed 50%+ of lowsec traffic).

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Thanks , I don’t think it would be an unreasonable development game wise and I agree BS type industry would be appropriate with the recently added complexities . As to figures for size and cost I would have to leave it to those with the data to try and assess what size would have what impact economy wise and what sort of cost they think would be balanced with other assets.

I have fought for this addition for years, I hope at some point CCP adds in mid-sized hauling vessels but the Orca has been used to fill this spot (even though it doesn’t because its capacity is divided up). I support the idea and hope that change comes.

Keep up the good fight it did take us years and years of pushing before frieghters finally got some module spots. It seems that CCP doesn’t care that much for players that are interested in this aspect of game play all that much.

Excellent suffestion, I favor.

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