New Ship Idea: Small Freighter

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #1

I noticed that there is only one T1 freighter in the game. It would be nice to have a smaller and less expensive one that could have a cargo hold between 100-200k m3 and be about half the price and align time of a normal size freighter.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #2

holy ■■■■ this time they described the orca right in the OP no need to trip into it

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #3

The 100-200k m3 would be raw cargo hold without any cargo expanders. The orca can even hold close to that with its cargo hold alone without cargo expanders and rigs. Even with those mods, it still barely hits 100k m3.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #4

it holds 77.5km3 before cargo holds and rigs after it holds 140km3

you want more than that and better align time use a JF

nomad is 165km3 before cargo expanders

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #5

LMFAO I can’t believe you are comparing this ship idea to a jump freighter. One is 7bill+ and the other would be ~500-600mill. I could see making the cargo hold from 150-300k m3 for a smaller freighter.

Where in the hell are you getting your numbers for the Orca? All lvl 5 with cargo and rigs only gets ~93k m3 total. You can’t include the fleet hangar in that total as it isn’t the actual cargo hold amount in relation to what I’m suggesting.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #6

the fleet hanger stores any good it is just an extension of the cargo bay. that’s why i’m not counting the SMB or ore bay.

and cost is irrelevant when balancing a ship like this. there are already two ships that fit the niche you want filled one is under a bill one is over 7. you can pick the one you want but there does not need to be a third ship in that hole

(Mike Voidstar) #7

Gankers gotta gank, that’s why you can’t have a logical progression from industrial to freighter.

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #8

Neither ship fit the role at all. What is so hard about adding another T1 freighter that is smaller to each of the 4 main races?

(Old Pervert) #9

There’s nothing “hard” about it.

It’s simply pointless.

The niche that gets filled is so small that it really doesn’t warrant any of it. There are ships on either side of the spectrum which can and do fill this niche.

(Eric Lemmonte) #10

I wouldn’t complain if they added a step-up from DST but I honestly don’t see it ever being made. Plenty of times I want to be “quick” and can’t use the DST because the cargo is 80km3 or something barely over. So in those cases I bite my lip and take the long trip with an inertia fit freighter. It sucks, but that’s what is available.

I’ve always felt that there is a huge leap between our current freight options. And to consider the ORCA as a freighter is reckless and inappropriate. It is not a freighter; it is a mining support.

  • 37,000 - Iteron
  • 65,000 - DST
  • 92,000 - Orca
  • 350,000 - Jump Freighter
  • 1,200,000 - Freighter

Right off the bat it isn’t fair to include the Orca or Jump Freighter as one is a mining support ship and the other is a 8bil ship with a jump drive. So the difference between a DST and Freighter is enormous. Something in the middle would actually be pretty nice. Something similar in size to the max Orca size but allow fittings for low slots.

And I would never recommend an Iteron Mk5 or Orca to be fit for rig and low slots. You’re asking to be ganked. I listed the largest contiguous cargo bay because splitting an active courier contract is not reasonable.

(Do Little) #11

CCP could easily have created the ship you want when they rebalanced the DSTs a couple of years ago simply by giving the ship a single cargo hold instead of a fleet hangar that can’t be expanded. They quite deliberately chose not to do this.

Not having an obvious and easy choice for intermediate loads forces you to chose between workable but less than ideal options. As long as everyone else has the same problem and the playing field is level I consider this a feature of the game, not something that needs to be fixed.

If you don’t want to haul small loads in a freighter - give Red Frog a call. They will be more than happy to do it for you!

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #12

I love how his own personal opinions on how ships should be fit and what roles they have to fill trumps how ships can be fit and what roles they actually fill

(Daichi Yamato) #13

There’s not much of a difference between a i-stab freighter and an orca.

(Tiddle Jr) #14

If it’s half size of the Freighter, I mean physical size how come it’s only accommodate 200k m3? For me its waste of space and poor spaceship crafting and engineering. If you want it half price off the Freighters price tag its called Orca. If you only want to offer something smart for the only purpose of offering somenthing then I suggest to offer Faction Freighter e.g. SoE ones at least it sounds cool :sunglasses:

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #15

This is exactly what I am talking about. I am glad someone on here sees the point if this ship.

(Tiddle Jr) #16

Orca is not only mining support it’s first role is fleet support with focus on mining role but you know its being used in PvP as well.

Anyway I was suggesting a few times to do something with it’s main cargo bay, since its not logical due to its support vessel oriented on mining activities. They really should leave something like 1,5k m3. And increase Fleet hangar up to 100k.

(Eric Lemmonte) #17

I mostly agree with that. But I feel a fleet hanger that big is still unnecessary. For an Orca change I’d actually prefer cutting the maintenance bay to 10k and giving it a larger ore bay.

(Dior Ambraelle) #18

I think SOE should get a blockade runner instead of a freighter, that seems more like their style.
Concord could get a jump freighter though.

(Xenos Monith Maulerant) #19

Do you think having a cargo hold potential up to 600k m3 would be better?

(Eric Lemmonte) #20

Yes and No. I think it would be really convenient for that size but I feel like 300-400 potential is more inline with showing just how massive our freighters are.