There's nothing in between an industrial hauling ship and a freighter

it would be nice to have a ship that can carry 150km3 of cargo for 400 million has all the drawbacks of a freighter but it’s cheaper you don’t need Advanced spaceship command level 5 the ■■■■■■■ fly it and you don’t have to train skills unrelated to cargo hauling to fly it like the Orca it should take you one month to get into it its total costs should be around 600 million to 400 million counting the skill book

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I agree with that , about 32km3 to let’s say 400km3 is a dam gap. There should be something in the way


Dst and orca.

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Pretty sure, the gap is intentional, to make sure some things require a freighter. For some cases you can use an Orca.

training for an orcas pointless if you’re not planning to have a fleet to boost or mine with it

sounds like what you’re looking for are deep space transports, they don’t require capital skills and they don’t need unrelated skills. They can easily hold 50k m^3 and including the skillbooks/hull/fitting they should cost a little under 400m. If you fit all cargo expanders in the lows and rigs on the impel you get almost 100k m^3 between fleet hanger and regular cargo space

I think you’re asking for too small a ship. I’d like to see something around 300-400k (caldari variant, maxed for cargo and at max skills).

We do need this, we just probably won’t get it.

Reason: CCP devs are some of the worst the world has to offer. CCP devs didn’t even put specialized mining vessels into a game largely based on mining things.

i’m surprised after all these years they haven’t thought, “alright, so a player can use a freighter with around a million m3 CARGO, or they can use miasmos/DST which is under 100k m3 FLEET HANGAR. But, there’s no real large fleet hangar capable ship that’s dedicated to hauling.”

oh, i could use another orca completely dedicated to hauling, sure (with it’s 40k fleet hangar and generous ore hold) …and it’s not too far out of reach of a new player (less than a month training) and it’s not incredibly expensive (half a billion)
But, you have to agree with me that it’s not exactly a hauler - although slap an MWD on it with autorepeat set of ‘off’ and you’ve got a pretty quick warper …it just feels, i dunno, kinda silly doesn’t it, not to have something that’s got a very large fleet hangar and ore hold.

we’re talking 20,000m3-40,000m3 fleet hangar along with a 150k-250k ore hold
that probably costs around the price of a DST, and needs less than a month skill to get. definitely would be omega of course.

EDIT: Besides, just look at the ore industrial base skill: it’s really useless training it to lvl5, amirite? this kind of ship is perfect for filling out the ORE ship class, absolutely. Think about it: we have the bowhead that’s about 2b isk and 1.6m³ maintenance bay.
if this was a dedicated omega skilled fleet hangar (and ore hold) ship for hauling ORE (hello just look at the name of the corp) i’d be okay with it being just as costly but being able to carry 1.6m³ ore
AND the fact there’s no smaller version of the bowhead, ffs. i know for a fact that younger players would love to be able to purchase and fly something that could haul around their precious collection of frigates, destroyers and cruisers
SO why not a small and large counterpart to the bowhead - one that has ORE as its role (the entirety of this reply needs to be considered in context as to hopefully not give CCP the idea to give use a 75k m³ ore hold costing half a billion with over a month’s training shudder)

Are you forgetting its >92k m3 cargo hold?

So over 130k m3. And a nano freighter has around 500k? A bulk head freighter has less.

It’s not that big a jump.

yeah, orca is exactly that ship in-between the dst and the freigher. in-between align time, i-between cargo hold, in-between ehp.

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