Moving Mining barges


I was wondering, what ship I can use to move a couple procurers without skilling too much into freighters.


An Orca. Its Ship Maintenance Bay is 400k m3, more than enough for a couple of procurers

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An Orca is a good choice if they are assembled. Packaged though, they are only 3,750m3 if my data is correct so that means two will fit a T1 hauler with an expander or two no problem. T1 haulers can be squishy so you should fit as much tank as you can, but if you fly carefully you should be able to move two packaged Procurers without issue. You can train any of the T1 haulers in about 15 minutes if you don’t have the skill already.

An Orca would be safer of course, but is much more expensive and requires significantly more SP.

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Since his alternative was a freighter I just assumed that the procurers were assembled and with rigs :slight_smile:

OP. repackaging a ship (such as would be necessary to move it without an Orca or Bowhead freighter) will, of course, destroy any rigs fitted to that ship.

You could hire a service such as Redfrog Freight or PushX, or as said use a T1 hauler to move them yourself after repackaging them.

Suppose the question is is it worth doing? Do you really need to move them that much that it would be worth the cost?


They wouldn’t have any fitting on them.

I need to move them about 17 jumps, I have an ORCA, how many proc’s/retrievers could I fit in them if they are not assembled?

If you wanna jump with ORCA better think twice. Its slow as hell and after few jumps u will be sweet desert for gankers :slight_smile:

What ship would you recommend?

Fit some tank on it (such as shield resistance mods in midslots and bulkheads in lows) and activating a 500mn microwarpdrive then immediately deactivating it will let an orca warp in about ten seconds. An orca can easily carry many different fits for itself. Stop being scared of ganker boogeyman.


Hey i am not scary anyone just saying :). Even withe best tank its look like cherry on cake for gankers :slight_smile:

The Orca has a 40k m³ Corporate Hanger and also have a sizable cargo hold, so you will be able to cram a fair few into it if they are all repackaged; Even if they are fitted the Orca also has a 400k m³ Ship Maintenance Bay.

While the Orca, along with the rest of “capital”-size ships, has very slow align speed, it can however be mitigated a great deal by using 500MN MWD for a single cycle when you align/warp between gates.

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