Best hauler for moving minerals

Hey all, just looking for the best hauler for moving minerals.

I did have a Kryos before but the tank isn’t great on them so considering other options out there?

I can’t seem to find any other speciality ships with a specified mineral hold, but maybe there’s something else out there that would do the job equally as well?

You can’t really tank T1 haulers much. If you’re concerned about that, you’ll kind of have to go T2.

As far as T1 haulers go, though, I believe the Iteron Mark V is still the one with the biggest cargo potential. I can get mine up to about 35k with T2 cargo extenders and T1 rigs. - But, of course, even with as much shield buffing as the 4 mid slots will allow, it’s still easily gankgable.

To get the best cargo space, you’ll want to look into freighters.

I guess I’m looking something with a capacity for matching/ near-matching the Kryos in terms of mineral hold that… well… isn’t the Kryos.

The Kryos moves 43000 m3 worth of minerals - which is really impressive. Is there anything that could compare within the other empires’ ships or is it the only mineral specialist ship out there?

I don’t believe so. Not unless you start looking at freighters.

Some of the T2 industrials have 50k+ m3 designated as “fleet hangars”. I’m not sure if that could be used to haul minerals (never tried it), but sounds plausible.

Ah yes, the fleet hanger thing I’ve heard of. Good thinking, I’ll look into it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Out of small class haulers, Deep Space Transports spots the biggest Cargo hold in form of their fleet Hangar. Fleet hangar works like regular cargo hold except you can set it to allow members of your fleet and corp to access it and like all specialized holds it’s not affected by modules that change the size of your normal cargo hold. Thanks to their ship and hull bonuses properly fit DST will also sport incredible tank. And yes all of them can hold up to 62500m3 of cargo including ore.

If that is not enough you can always train yourself into using Orca. While technically it is an industrial command ship it’s combined cargo space (Up to 37500m3 in regular cargo hold, 187500 m3 in ore hold, 40000m3 in Fleet Hangar) coupled with its solid EHP and generous mid slots makes it very potent hauler in High Sec especially when it comes to ore.


The Deep Space Transport is an excellent choice for moving minerals and compressed ore. The fleet hanger is not “specialized” - it will hold up to 62,500 M3 of whatever you want to put in it. The regular cargohold adds another 4K or so to that. Last but not least, you can use Giant Secure Containers to increase this another 30%. The containers take up 3000 M3 in the hold but you can put 3900 M3 inside them.

DSTs are fast if properly fit - align/warp at gates in 8 seconds (1 pulse of an afterburner)

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Brilliant, I’m liking the DST route very much.

Any particular DST you’d recommend from experience?

I tend to prefer Minmatar ships in general, these days. The Wreathe is an awesome ship - super fast, not bad tank if you fit it right and decent-sized hold. So I’m thinking the Mastodon would be the way forward here.

I fly Mastodon and Occator. I prefer shield tank, it lets me use the lows for agility and additional cargo. My current highsec fit:

[Mastodon, Mastodon]
Inertial Stabilizers II
Damage Control II
Expanded Cargohold II
Inertial Stabilizers II

Thermal Dissipation Field II
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Kinetic Deflection Field II

Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II
Medium Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II

Navy Cap Booster 50 x30

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Thanks, that’s super helpful.

I think I’ll follow your lead and grab the mastodon, tank it up in a similar way you have, and go down that road with the minerals.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

buy Compressed Ore
haul it in Venture
reprocess in place

no… plz delete this post… i dont want to reveal this great secret…

move ore or compressed ore. both of which are smaller in volume than minerals

If you manufacture you need minerals. Even if you mine your own ore, refining and production will usually be in different facilities so, moving minerals from wherever they are refined to market or to the manufacturing facility is a necessary step.

Yeah but now that CCP have separated the structure bonuses for refining (to athanar/tatara) and manufacturing (to raitaru/azbel) there is a need for a ship that can do local hauling of larger quantities of minerals. I’ve just had to do 48 kryos trips between my refinary and my manufacturing azbel just to move the minerals generated by one dst of compressed ore! That’s a messed up ratio. We need a specialist super mineral carrier like the kryos but at least 10 times the capacity.

Why don‘t you just use a freighter…?

I use an Ares, Prowler, Mastodon, and Fenrir … depending on Cargo size and jumps, sec system to haul.


Ares, Viator, Occator, Obelisk/Charon…use all four every week but Obelisk/Charon were the best investments in ships I’ve ever made.

Couldn’t agree more. Getting my obelisk built was a game changer. Especially doing cap and fighter production.

I use a brick tanked Occator with an MWD and a cloak for moving Mexallon and up, and collateralized courier contracts for moving Trit/Pyer (then a max cargo Obelisk for moving them within the system).

Because I’ve ganked a lot, I know all of the main tricks to protect myself and can eyeball about how many Taloses it will take to gank me.

Worst case scenario I can take the Obelisk a few jumps to pick up Trit/Pyer needed at short notice, but by god do I hate doing so. I’ll get my alt to scout while doing so.

agree, for extra huge volume you need a freighter fitted with cargohold. just for struct-to-struct you don’t need anything else.
Just dont reprocess in another system. Compress on production system, then bring to manufacturing system, then reprocess.