Ice product hauling

So I’ve recently gotten interested in ice products, fuel blocks, etc. I’m wondering if there’s any ships with specialized cargo bays for hauling things like oxygen isotopes, stronium clathrates, and other ice products? I can’t find anything on it, so I’m guessing there’s no special ship for that type of product? I know my mineral hauling ship is not able to put them in the mineral bay.

There isn’t, so try to refine the ice products close to where you use them as it’s much easier to haul the compressed ice.

I use a max cargo Iteron (40k m3 if I recall correctly) to haul the ice products between stations, but even then I sometimes need to make multiple trips.

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CCPlease give us one?

Why would you need one? Haul the compressed ice instead!

Miasmos, Orca, there’s lots of ways to haul your ice. You could even put 100k m3 of ice in a quick CovOps frigate (Prospect) if you compress it.

It’s silly to turn that tiny volume into 100k+ m3 again before you haul it.

I haven’t been mining ice, I’ve been purchasing the isotopes and whatnot and making fuel to sell.

In that case, your only “practical” option is a deep space transport (DST).

The gallente industrials are great. About 12 M isk max, when fitted for LS cloaky warp, with around 62.5 k cargo space available. Ignoring ammo hauling, these are useable for ore/ ice (miasmos), processed minerals (kyros) or PI mats (epithal). There is just nothing for ice products.

The only available transport that gives you similar volume (around 64.5 k) and that can be fit for cloaky warp, is a DST. One big advantage of the DST is its main 60 k fleet hangar will carry anything. Ice products, packaged ships, whatever else might turn a profit. Which is important in your business as you will find much higher volumes of key mats, like strontium, and at much lower cost in LS. Which you can haul to HS to either make profit and/ or fuel blocks.

Downside is DST will cost around 250 M isk. This compares very well though with an orca, that will only do 110 k (if cargo fitted) and costs 900 M isk. Or a freighter. Neither of which you would run into LS. But the risk of losing a miasmos or kyros is trivial by comparison. That’s just the way it is.

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Indeed, I may need to re-look at the DST. Thanks for the advice.

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Try to purchase the isotopes locally then, but I assume you can get those isotopes for cheap somewhere else because they’re a pain to move compared to compressed ice. Making them easier to move would also make them more expensive relatively to compressed ice.

But yea, a DST is a good option in between a max cargo rigged Iteron and a freighter. DST can haul about 50% more than an Iteron, but it’s also a lot more expensive.

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