NS multiboxing Moon Mining vs. Ice Mining

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I have the opportunity to multibox barges in nullsec. I will be in Caldari/Gallente NS, and will most likely be mining glare crust, then Caldari/Gallente racial ice types. I also have constant access to R32 and down moons, occasionally an R64. Which would be better to train my alts for? I will probably be boosting them in a mindlinked rorqual pilot (additional 25% bonus to mining foreman boost strength), as well as running 3 T2 boosters for said max yield Rorqual pilot, as well as having the Rorqual mine the ice/ore itself.

Ice Selling:
I can sell any compressed ice to a distributor for a flat 75 percent jita buy rate for all compressed ice.

Ore Selling:
I can sell R32 moon ore to a distrubutor for 85% reprocessed Jita buy, and R64 will be bought at 90% reprocessed Jita buy.

The main question is, is R32 or ice mining more profitable with ~5-7 barges and a mindlinked max boost Rorqual pilot?

Thank you all for your time in helping me solve this issue!

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you really don’t have to train the t2 strip and crystals for moon ore to still make alot of money.

ice will fill up your holds faster so you have to click more. it’s a tradeoff.

selling ice at 75% jita buy is a pretty ■■■■ deal tho.
you should train your alts for PI and turn that ice into fuel blocks

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I know I dont really need the t2 strips, 75 percent jita buy is fine by me for ice, per m3 it seems to be better, even with it being bought at 75 percent. Our alliance has a rental program, so i can have my own personal moondrill for relatively cheap. I dont mind the m3 of the ice, I do not plan to mine AFK. I’m still trying to figure out what would net me more isk per hour.

so you’re going to buy one drill? or buy 10 drills?

if you’re only going to buy one drill it’s not even a choice… you do both. the moon doesn’t pop that often :wink:

are you going to run reactions? produce t2 components?
the manufacturing / planning / hauling time is also part of the isk/hr in that case.

the ice belt respawns after 4 hours… the moon belt??? not so much.
the ice belt always has the same amount of rocks, the moon belt… depends on your luck with jackpot pulls.

the ice belt can spawn rather safe, or it can spawn right next to a gate… the moon belt always spawns in the same place…

you can’t just say “what is the isk/hr” as there’s variables you just have to take as they come.

seems rather silly to sub all those accounts just to sell the ores to someone else at a meh rate.
maybe you ought to try mining only with the rorq and no alts first, might save you a lot of headache for just doing someone else’s work :wink:

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Ice mining is absolute garbo compared to moon mining. I mine my R64 and I get 70 mil ticks using 2 accounts.

Just compare your rates here:

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