Multibox Plex Mining still possible? Moons/Asteroids/Ice?

Okay so returning player here after all the crazy changes regarding plex. I used to run a mining fleet pre-plex changes and could plex my accounts in roughly 18 hours with orca boosting (same amount of time regardless of miner count).

However coming back I notice how plex has risen to 1.5bil (in terms of enough to add 30d game time). Is it still possible to achieve roughly the same results (NULL sec of course) with Ice, asteroid mining or this new form of moon mining? Or has box fleet mining just become less profitable?

I’ll be checking with the corp mates later but I just wanted to see if anyone here has already crunched the numbers.

By the way no this toon is not the main or in the corp :wink:

It depends on how many accounts you have available, but yes it is still very much possible to PLEX your accounts that way. However you might be looking at more then 18 hours of effort.

for some comparison I can get roughly 70 mil an hour in Highsec mining with 3 accounts (1 Orca + 2 Hulk) mining regular ore. So with that it would take me roughly 65 hours to PLEX all 3 accounts. When mining Ice, or better yet, Moon ore you will get significantly more, so it’s hard to give an exact number but if you want my guess I’d say your looking at 30-40 hours to PLEX 3 account doing Nullsec mining.


Thank you for helping people raising the price of plex. i, too, believe it’s way too cheap.

Awesome. Thanks for your input. Someone in my corp mentioned we rent moons and we have some ice systems so I’ll look at both those options!

A hulk in nullsec you’re probably going to get 45-60 mil/hr with orca boosting. Moon ores can be 4-8 times that depending on how the groups tax structure is set up.

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