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First off if this isn’t the right place to post then please delete. But do let me know the proper place to post it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like running mining ops with my corp. I do them often and buy their ore directly as I pull it in to my Orca. I was wanting to figure out a way to reach out to maybe newer players or whomever is interested to add me (CaptainCargo) to be apart of the ops and get the mining boosts. I will also buy your ore on the spot at Jita prices.

Just add me and email me and I will put you on a list for mailing to let you know when I go out or message me if im on if youd like to join.


Depending on how security conscious you are, it could pay to 1) create yourself an in-game channel and then 2) post a link to this channel in the ‘newbie help channels’, to try and attract like minded pilots to your cause. I’d imagine a new player in a venture would very much appreciate the ‘no fuss’ ability to turn ore into isk.

If you go this route you could then also put up a post in the Services forum section, with your in-game channel and all the details.


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Are you referring to the Rookie channel? I was told there was no advertising in that channel. Unless there are other channels newbros use that I am unaware of.

Correct, there is no advertising in the rookie channel. I guess you could advertise in NPC corp channels though by creating various alpha alts.

Mobile depots with advert in career agent systems might get some attention. Also, while putting adverts in help channels might get you into troubles. No one stop you from picking people interested (based on questions in help channel) in mining and convo/mail them with your offer.

On the side note. I what area of space you are doing those mining ops?

Citadel and Forge mostly. All ores including Ice Belts and some WH mining.

Wow. This place is unreal.

CaptainCago: Make sure your Orca is insured.

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