LF Mining Corp - Open to all options (USTZ)

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I have multiple new mining alts, and so far they’ve done pretty good for me income wise. In total they equal about 7-8 toons including my marketing alt, I have TII boosting (Orca) and will probably push it into a Rorqual at some point if it becomes an option.

Let me be clear though, these toons are alts, they are just for mining. I will not be committing to combat ops in them until I’ve finished training them all into TII crystals for every ore.

That said, if I find I enjoy your corp/alliance and it has the kind of PvP/Krabbing activity I’m looking for I may be inclined to bring the rest of my combat toons along as well.

If this is an issue for your security checks, than please, don’t waste my time or yours.

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Hey @Sattelizer,

I think you may be a good fit to at least explore FAYN Industries. We are primarily an industrial corporation who are very sociable. We have good representation on 2 major TZ’s (EU & US). If you want to ask specific questions about us and our operation please feel free to get into our chat channels in game (FAYN.Recruits) or send me communications on here and/or in game.

Recruitment Page

I should add that I will be expanding each toon out into multiple levels of basic and advanced production. Capital production will be included in these expansion plans if it becomes a viable option.

Would love to chat you would fit awesome in our group https://discord.gg/QfpRh3

Hi Sattelizer,

While we are not a mining corp as such (see post below), we have a number of members who mine extensively with alts and the like, so you may well feel at home! We frequently have mining ops within the corp, both planned and spontaneous along with other activities. That said, we are relaxed about participation in ops so if you want to just use your own fleet as it were then that’s fine by us.

Most of them are long serving/returning veterans who know the game very well - there are some token newbies like me thrown in for good measure!

If this tickles your fancy drop Grislymonster or myself a message in game

Fly safe!

I am the mining director for [UNKSO]. Please join us sometime!

Still looking, I should also add that I’m primarily USTZ based but that changes based on my schedule.

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@Sattelizer Did you get chance to check us out, I know we have what you are looking towards but as it stands now I am unsure if you have reached out to my recruitment team yet

Still open to offers, I’ve had some great conversations so far and I’ve got some places I’m considering calling home. Still just looking to make sure I don’t overlook any opportunities before making a final decision.

@Sattelizer I sent you an in game mail. would love to chat and get to know you a bit. if you have already decided that is ok as well.

In game mail sent. Look forward to hearing from you!!


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