12 mil Returning Pilot looking for a Mining Corp

Been a few years, looking for a friendly mining corp.
Did a lot of ice and gas mining back then.
Can pilot most mining ships (Orca and below).
US based in est time zone and play mostly in the evenings.

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Hello, We are a Us tz mostly EST based corp. We are a wormhole corp that will go out and mine gas. along with the combat sites. some pvp in there as well. but I would like to talk with you if you have a minute. Discord.

Hello there ISEA is looking for new members we are a primary Indy Corp but do a bit of everything. We took a break and are now trying to rebuild the corp. we are currently in high sec to get re established With plans to move into low then null sec. we would be really interested in talking to you. You can email me in game Rorianis I can give you discord info so you can talk with us.

Come and have a chat with us brother


I believe that we can provide all that you are looking for in a corp. Come by and say hello; E.C.H.O




Firstly good name! We could be what fits your post, FAYN Industries is to no suprise and Industry focused community who are living out in NPC null. We do all the regular industry stuff but have recently also adopted some PVP, we are very new at it and far from the ELITE but we like to give people the opportunity to come try it out should they wish.

FAYN is a RL first type deal, there is no real hard commitments to our community, we feel as once you are in our community we do not need to ask you to be committed in such a way we see most people do the extra mile simply because they enjoy being part of our active community.

I feel as if it is at least worth a conversation in our recruitment channel found ingame FAYN.Recruits drop by and see what we can offer you.



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