New Mining Corporation Looking for Members and Alliance

new mining corp. focus is mining ops. i have an orca with foreman and compression bonuses.

we have an athanor refinery.

we run weekly low sec / wormhole ops. i try my best to run daily high sec mining ops. we are in need of a few pilots in warships for the low sec / WH ops. we got 1 BB.

i am a retired vet, so i play off and on all day. i am located in USA PA. near pittsburgh. looking for fellow miners. i will buy your ore at better than evepraisal prices. we can negotiate. the whole idea is for YOU TO MAKE MONEY $$$ i may even be able to help a small amount with ships.

here is a link to my discord. contact GM Max on discord.


Maxwell Immelmann, if you are interested in meeting a great group where your enthusiasm and help would be fully appreciated, please reach back to me in game. We have A LOT of offer Indy pilots and open positions within corp for leadership on the Indy side. We hope to hear back from you!




If you ever would like to mine and be a part of NPC null sec drop me a dime.

I think you would enjoy our small and fairly new alliance.
I have been playing since beta 2003 and would love for you to join :slight_smile:



i am advertising for more people to join my corp, and you ask me to join yours?

things that make you go…WTF???

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