Maxed High Sec Orca Mining Boost Pilot for hire ( Also looking for a mining group )

My Orca Provides the following boosts and services to the mining fleet.

105% Mining/survey range bonus
-39.4% Mining Modules: Duration & Capacitor Use Bonus
-39.4% Mining Crystal Volatility

My Orca also provides a fleet hanger that fleet members can deposit ore into and can be freighted away with a hauler allowing the mining fleet to “non-stop” mine instead of having to dock every time their hull is full. ( I can also provide a hauler toon to do this if you dont have one.)

I can also provide reprocessing if necessary. I have reprocessing 5, reprocessing efficiency 5, and every specific ore reprocessing skill to at least 4. Which means on high sec ores in a properly fit reprocessing citadel I can reprocess at a rate of 73.9%.

What I do not do is keep track of who mined what ( Im not good with spread sheets and it is up to whomever hires me to determine who gets what.)

I will meet you anywhere in high sec ( preferably near Jita ) with the Orca, I can also recommend some systems that already have reprocessing citadels with good tax rates and mining belts that are close to Jita.

I can also haul the minerals to Jita to sell for isk ( Have a toon with good trade skills ) and then send the isk to whomever hires me.

Some other services that I can provide are good fits for both mining and combat ships (Every mining fleet needs protection). PVP combat training for inexperienced players ( I have allot of PVP toons that are very successful all stats in the 90% and up range with hundreds of billions of ISK destroyed ). I can also give advice on citadel management, taxes, location, defence ( I have owned and managed allot of structures ).

Price is very much dependent upon which and or how many services you utilize. Pricing will be in the form of a by hour and or by service basis and will have to be scheduled 1 week in advance so that I may plan around my schedule. I prefer a ISK per hour basis and it must be paid up front that day. ( In other words if you schedule me for a month 1 hour a day I would request only that days fee per day not the entire month in one lump sum, that fair to both partys ) ( I may be willing to take a portion of the mining yield instead, but that is dependent upon how much m3 is mined per hour).

I am looking for a mining group to become a mining director in, however it must be a fairly active group because I do not want to sit there and boost 2 or 3 people in ventures because that is all that showed up ( Been there done that not worth it )

If you are interested in any of the services that I can provide your mining fleet please eve mail this character, you can post here as well if you wish, but price negotiations will be done in game. If you would like to offer me a mining director position within your group I would be happy to hear your offer, you can also eve mail this character. I will try to respond to this thread and my evemails a few times per day.

Thank You & Fly Safe

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