WTB Orca Boosting Mining Pilot - Path to but not rorq yet

Looking to buy a good Mining fleet boss, orca, able to mine himself, good drones skills, doesn’t need rorq yet though.

Looking for tight on skills, not a lot of waste. PI and some trade would be ok, but not necessary.

My character is near perfect for that. Is currently training Mining Director 4 (and then 5), but past that has perfect Orca skills. Let me know if you’re interested: EveSkillboard - J0e Biden

This is along the lines of what I’m looking for, but I just simply can’t with that name.

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Let me know if you’re interested


Depending on price yes. What are you looking for?


I’ll take it. Sending ISK and account

You’ll need to move to NPC corp first. Let me know when ready adn I can send isk and account

ISk and account sent, confirm transfer please. Thanks

Isk received, toon transferred, I paid transfer fee. Enjoy

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