PC - Orca, Rorq in training, great name

Great name on an OLD toon, training to get into Rorq but need some isk for other ventures. Willing to sell if price is right.


Will follow all processes, get in NPC corp if prices are looking appropriate.

That is a super name and a great START to a Rorq pilot, however you have none of the most important parts for Rorqual or ANY capital ships, and that the jumping skills. you have zero of them, so its a super Orca Pilot, not so much for Rorqual though


5b offer

I’d bite and buy it for 8.5b

Ya I had said in training lol, the queue has it all in it which is worthless I know, but he’s following some null bloc rorq training plans.

I won’t sell him for less than 10B due to name and age. I can just keep training him if no good offers.

Great idea, and yes in the que doesn’t mean trained. lol. Stick to your guns, He does have a great name and great start. I’d make an offer, just don’t have enough. I can at least bump you to the top again though. Best of luck

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