Mining yield, plex

I’ve never bothered with mining due to the price of ores being tied to how many bots are currently active, but looking for an income source more expandable than incursions and/or something afkable that I can do alongside incursions.

Pyfa is showing 180m3/s mining rates for rorqs and only 31m3/s for macks (which also have only 170second ore hold with orca boost and no tank). Assuming each m3 of ore costs 2k in 0.0 --> 1,700,000,000/(1806060/2000) = ~1.31 hours to plex an account using a rorq, without factoring in corp indy tax and transport costs.

What am I missing from this, since if it only took 1.3hours to make that much isk, everyone would be doing it.

Thanks in advance.

that’s a strong assumption.

And another one.
Also assuming you don’t lose ships, and you don’t need to invest time to defend.
And you don’t need more alts to have backup ready.

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Thanks for the link.

But yes, it wont of course be that much in reality, i’m here to ask how much it really is, with all of these things taken into account for both sub caps and rorq :slight_smile:

The highest value is from moons. IIRC it’s 20 000 m³ per hour of moon extraction (ie 3 360 000 m³ per week). I know some moon can have 80% of one ore, so if you are VERY lucky you get a moon with 80% of monazite, which is ± 2.5k/m³

So being very lucky you have 2 700 000 m³ of monazite in a moon, assuming 150 m³/s on a rorqual that means with 5 hours×rorqual you mine most worth.

Of course, you should have several moons, and they won’t be all 80% monazite. Actually most are much lower.a 80% monazite requires 5 hours, so a 32% worth ore would require 2H per week.

Then you need to factor in the time to move it, and everything I already talked about.

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Do people tend to only mine on moons now? :confounded:

I was thinking only in terms of anom mining tbh, didn’t even think about moon mining due to the restrictions of it.

Anom mining was nerfed recently, actually.

■■■■. What’s the normal isk/hour of a rorq/subcap then? :frowning:

“it depends”
ore? ice? moon ore?

ice mining should provide you 150M/h ish
moon ore, it depends on moon value
my rorq mines around 40-50km3/indy core cycle (5min) i think. So use that and see here how much it would provide you

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