Efficient mining - 30 bil to invest

Hi guys, I have 2 accounts that can mine rn, the rest would need injectors. What would you recommend? Rorquals in nulsec? Any recommended corps? Do I use freighters too? Orcas? Do I manufacture with the minerals?


I was all thinking more is better but then hit a wall of reality when I was in the north… less is better. typically, you only need one rorqual, and the rest of your alts should be top notch hulk pilots… if you wanted to minimize risk. I was debating picking up a sister rorqual, a second rorqual pilot. to accompany the one we have and then have 4 hulk pilots on top of that. But I cant see it being much more beneficial to have say 4 or 6 rorquals going at the same time unless you got the bling to spend and the alliance and fleet to jump to your cyno when you are dropped on.

It depends imo, where you are flying, and who you are flying with. the type of space you are in and the resources available to put up a good resistance fleet. and, of course the isk you have.

Null sec or wormhole space is good for a rorqual. I wouldnt bother mining in lowsec or highsec for that matter. You can use a variety of things to haul the goods. the rorqual can compress ore right there, and has a pretty large cargo hold, but having a freighter is handy. Myself with a bunch of hulk pilots, I can fill a freighter up really quickly. just use bookmarks and keep the freighter docked till needed, I mine for like one and a half - one nad three quarter hours and then come scoop the poop with a freighter. if you do it right, its one warp to the belt every half hour or so. :slight_smile: you can either refine it in a citadel or npc station, use the minerals to make stuff, and sell that or just sell the compressed ore or minerals themselves.

Orcas will be used in c4 and below whs… cant get freighters in iirc… or if you really think about minimizing risk, use the alts and get them lined up in gal indy ships with ore bonus and make a few jumps as to not risk loosing all the assets in one bunch. you can at least disperse the indy fleet if hostiles appear, maybe getting a few away, where as one freighter is easy to catch. If you do it right, using a rapier to web the freighter is a good idea… it insta webs and then can cloak right back up… assisting the transport. you can do this with other ships like Deep Space Transports, battleships etc.

cheers. always use d scan and find quite systems to work around. use offices and share the resources thru the corp hangers if you are solo player.

I have found that more rorqual is always good just have some defence ready nearby

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No need for a freighter as well. Rorquals can compress ore with the industrial core active.

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