Indy buying compressed ores or minerals?

Got a question for indy whats the best way to haul materials? Buying minerals or going for compressed ores and then refine at a npc station or other structure?
Im poking atound from time to time with building all kinds of t1 sub capitals from frigs to bs and the odd orca :slight_smile:

compressing the ore but that also depends on your skills. Compressed ore also sells for more.

Compressed ore

is there anyway to figure out how much compressed ore i need to buy to refine it in a npc hs station and then build 10 dominixes with near perfect skills and no special implants?

Since yield will vary depending on the facility and your skills, I would drop a load of ore into the reprocessing hopper at your facility of choice and see the actual yield - at that point you can use Google sheets or Excel to do the math.

Personally, I buy minerals. A DST with giant secure containers can haul a decent load but I tend to make small stuff like modules and drones - you’ll need freighter loads if you’re building battleships and compressed ore is more space efficient.

One Indy to another, build Orca’s, if you are buying the materials with ISK that’s cool but if you mine them to me you get more bang for your buck in the sense of one orca will fetch you a buyer faster than a BS because the bigger the build the less folks put in the effort it takes to build very large ships, so this means (not a rule), less competition.

Take for instance that if you used the materials for 1 BS, and build 10, 15, or 20 cruisers, then bulk sell them (meaning bit cheaper), then the normal market sale, you will sell them quicker, with the money you just got buy those items that are harder to come by if your not in null, the megacyte, zydrine, Mexallon, Isogen, Nocxium, the other 2 main component materials you can mine.

Take the bpc for that and the cap parts list then work from the least to the most parts,

By doing it that way you feel better because you feel you are accomplishing something, it takes a lot of effort and time to build VLS (very large ships), so depending on your Corp and how many active members the task will go faster or if you solo it, it can burn you out quick, 10 BS and the materials needed to build 1 will make you burn out fast, trust me, especially when your disappointed by the market, building cap components, not so much because you see the progress happening.

If you become really invested in becoming an Indy full throttle then at some point you want to buy your bpo’s for VLS, my latest purchase, and orca bpo, I’m working on each bpo as we speak, it will save you lots of ISK because the bpc’s are not cheap for cap ships, also, a researched 10/20 will shave off a lot of ISK, but researching it to 10/20…ouch, up to a year and more then the bpc can cost.

Because Orca’s are built from components, there isn’t much benefit to researching the hull print beyond ME7 . Taking it to ME10 will reduce material requirement by 1 capital cargo hold.

Lowsec gets a huge bonus to production of capital components with the Thukker rig. In highsec it’s probably cheaper to buy components than build them unless you discount minerals you mine yourself.

Not saying you shouldn’t build them - it’s a game - do what you enjoy, but there are easier ways to make ISK.


Yup, agreed, for me tho, I really don’t look at everything in terms of costs, reason, in order to compete with null you have to be in null, and for me null is dull, I have no desire to be someone’s pet, but I digress, for me it’s working at goal A to get to goal B, and it works, I’ve been more productive, matter of fact I traded a combat ship for an Indy for my alt because I need more Indy ships to keep up with what I do.

There’s a point everyone reaches (or don’t), where they have more then enough ISK, more then enough ships, more then enough items, at that point if your not insane you start to branch out, at any time in the game I usually got about 20 Indy items going (building / research / invention), on only one toon, so I can earn the bpo’s I want, at that point when I reach that goal I will see where I go next.

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