Hauling ships

Is there any good ship between 20-500mil isk ship for hauling with more cargohold than 20k?

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A Deep Space Transport ship will run you around 300m(ish) and can carry the volume you’re looking for.

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I didn’t want to change the topic previous thread, and thanks for the answer once again

A lot will depend on what you’re hauling. There are specialized T1 haulers for ore, minerals, ammunition and planetary commodities that can carry around 50K m3 very economically and the standard T1 haulers can be configured to carry over 20K m3 but these ships have weak defenses and shouldn’t be used in high risk areas like established trade routes if the cargo value exceeds 100 million. In other words - don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.

T2 variants are the blockade runner - fast and stealthy for cargo in the 10-12K M3 range. The deep space transport (DST) is slower but can be fit with very strong defenses to carry around 60K M3 in its fleet hangar - plus 4-5K M3 in the standard cargo hangar. The Orca can also be used as a hauler with a 40K M3 fleet hanger and a standard cargo hold that starts at 30K M3 and can get a lot bigger with skills and fitting choices.

If your need for larger cargo capacity is occasional, you’re probably better off contracting a hauling service like Red Frog or PushX to move the big stuff for you.