Space Truckers need updated rigs to fill in the gap

The gap is huge, from 4 million isk right up to 3 billion ISK with not much in-between.

Most players could use an Obelisk instead of the next tier down.

There needs to be increased cargo capacity in the way of scalable Modules that could be added to a ship as towable cargo containers that lock, but with better increases in capacity, let the space truckers pull more cargo with additional cargo containers that could be towed behind the ship, the risk is higher but the rewards would be too.

Just like on the roads, the semis can have 1, 2 or more depending upon local regs of the country, in Australia they have up to 6!!

Towable cargo containers to allow the lower class shippers to haul between systems, please.

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It’s not safe to tow at hyperlight speed.


It’d be kinda cool to see some sort of drop-n-hook mechanic introduced to the game

Also, how exactly would your scalable modules work? As it stands right now, you have to chose between tank and cargo cap. So, depending on how it would work, people could have both with no trade-offs -which I don’t like. On the other hand, if they simply allow freighters to become even bigger loot pinatas, then I’m for it.


Think space truckers, but with unlimited scalability based upon tonnage, so it’s possible to make space trains, and yeah the ganks could be enormous, like epic.

Towing in space would be easy, hyperspace maybe notsomuch, but I’m sure for the right price the trips could be feasable.

You can move a lot in zero-g’s with just the power of your hand, with all this special engine and power sources, a simple hook would be sufficient you just couldn’t go as fast the more you put on. The wrecks could be massive too.

LOL, what a ridiculous notion.

Cargo ships, that’s all space truckers need. And EVE already has plenty of choices for hauling, no need of new ships.

Courting the gankers for your idea :sweat_smile: Nicely done.

bigger loot pinats of course, really big ones that would need fleets to protect them if they cared about their cargo, but hey bigger in this case would be better for everyone who does care.

Massive shifts in system power could occur. Much bigger than a simple obelisk gank.

The same could be said for freighters.

If people were smart, they would use fleets to protect their assets already.

In High Sec Concord won’t let you protect, that’s their job. In low sec you earn a sec status punch if you help, I think. It would be cool if there was a formal convoy defense mechanism allowing you to defend the haulers.

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Wut. There are a ton of ways to protect.

Who honestly cares about sec status when its easy to grind?

Easiest way is to have your 2 man escort fleet pull CONCORD when you see the gankers.

You may have missed the T2 industrial haulers?

There’s one type with a rather large cargohold (60+k m3), the ‘deep space transports’ and another that specialises in carrying smaller more valuable cargoholds cloaked, the ‘blockade runners’.

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I was trying to suggest a modular approach, simply put, allow for hitches to be placed on towable secured cargo containers.

A UHAUL in the sky kind of thing.

Imagine that in space :sweat_smile:

EVE isn’t hicks’ paradise.


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