Give space truckers some missions!

(Lukett MyDabb) #1

I see lots of freighters on haulers out there on the trade routes, I’ve seen the Jita freighter wrecks, and I’ve seen ganks take place in uedama.

dunno where i was going with this, but when i remember there being a distribution agent being around at one point, and it coupled with the following questions: “why aren’t there more of these agents?” “why doesn’t quafe have agents so i can use LPs for those dank skins?” “what about the interbus?”

and now I’ve fleshed out this idea.

Distribution and Advanced Distribution agent missions.

What Are these missions?

As the title suggests, space trucking for isk. they’ll require moving stuff from one NPC station to another one. having a normal and advanced distribution would provide each their separate challenges:

Standard distribution:

lvl 1- small parcels and moving dossiers and other paperwork for 1-6 jumps through HS.
lvl 2- large packages, and distances of 7-12 jumps through HS.
lvl 3- packages that are only movable by industrial vessels, 12 or more jumps through HS.
lvl 4- industrial crates that are meant to be carried long distance through HS or through Low security.
lvl 5- industrial crates that can be taken anywhere with an npc station, regardless of security status.

Advanced industry:

lvl 1- these will require taking multiple large parcels 7-12 jumps away (HS).
lvl 2- potentially larger parcels, (cargo expanders a must on industrials) potentially larger HS trips.
lvl 3- “freight containers” that will require a 5-15 jump trip.
lvl 4- freighter trips that are long, arduous, and on occasion, through low security.
lvl 5- pack yo jump freighters, cause those are the only things that can circumvent the trips out in hostile space.

The idea would be isk payouts being exponential at each level, and advanced distribution requiring freighters to do the jobs in a timely manner. It should be pointed out that yes, a jump freighter can easily put to shame any mission through hostile space, but it should be pointed out they can’t cyno into high security, and there’s plenty of time to get popped, this kill can confirm.

Should also mention interbus getting some hauler skins in their LP store would be a good idea to go through with this, i’ll probably get some crap ms-paint concept drawings together or something. but the thought there would be the idea of space trucks.

(Daichi Yamato) #2

Distribution missions still exist, at least upto level 4.

Unless i missed something…

(Rivr Luzade) #3

Quafe Company has tons of distribution missions, for instance, even in Null sec.
Freighter size missions through low sec won’t get taken at all unless the person is really incompetent, and praying on incompetence while punishing attentive people by making them receive a 4 hour timer after declining a mission is great game design.
JF contracts need to pay dozens of millions of ISK even for the easiest destinations and hundred million ISK and beyond for trickier destinations to even get considered by competent haulers (contract size, fuel, cyno chars, lost cyno ships, time to get in range and back to origin with an empty ship, etc are all factors that make JFing very expensive). Getting hundreds of millions of ISK from a single mission, either in liquid ISK or LP, sounds like a huge problem to me, and if you do not get these kinds or rewards people won’t run the missions because it costs more than it rewards you.

(Do Little) #4

Interbus also has 19 distribution agents scattered around New Eden. We’re not going to see skins in LP stores any time soon - they are a revenue source for CCP, not an ISK sink.

Missions are basic content for new players. I was running level 4 missions for SOE a few months after starting the game. I made a lot of ISK building Astero and Stratios - which were worth twice as much as they are today!

Missions are a plateau - some people are comfortable staying there for their entire Eve career, I got bored and moved on.

If you want advanced missions for haulers, join Red Frog. There will be a job waiting whenever you want one - the queue was never empty while I was working there - the pay is better than missions plus they insure your ship and collateral.

(Lukett MyDabb) #5

apparently since i can’t delete this thread it stands to maybe inspire someone later? either way, I now feel stupid for not actually getting fully acquainted with the agent finder and because i was under the misconception that there were no agents for the following factions. it kinda sucks that some skins can’t be made LP store stock but tbh when quafe skins were apparently in the store i was in no position to throw money or isk at them. now they’re gone. but i guess all this skin talk can be saved for another thread later.

(Jonah Gravenstein) #6

Report your original post, and ask for the thread to be deleted; the mods are generally quite accommodating.