Level 4 Distribution Missions - Please increase ISK payout


So, the title of this topic pretty much speaks for itself. I really enjoy doing Distribution Missions via the level 4 agents. I’m not sure how many other players actually do?

The payout varies between 200,000 - 300,00 isk per mission (usually around the lower end), and jump distance for carrying cargo between 1 system - 7/8 systems? Going to lowsec (even 0.1 systems) makes no difference to the amount of ISK you can earn, there is just a slight increase in LP.

This is not a feasible way for an experienced player to make money in Eve.

Why are Distribution agents’ missions so under-developed and unequal to other areas of gameplay in terms of income such as mining (which is not that great let’s be honest), or Security Agent Missions?

Thanks for any feedback.

The LP and standing payout is pretty impresive for something you can pretty easy do in week 1 of creation through.

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