Distribution Missions (L4) & NPC Corps

So I’ve just started doing L4 Distribution Missions in a Mammoth after a long time doing Combat Missions. I’m running them for Republic Fleet as that’s who I did my combat missions for. However, the rewards just don’t seem worthwhile to me. I’m averaging about 1.5m ISK / hour, a lot less than the Combat missions. Some of the missions pay as little as 140k ISK (including bonus). My standing with the agent is 6.5. Is this typical for Distribution missions? Or am I running with the wrong NPC corporation? Social, Connections, Distribution Connections, Negotiation and Security Connections are all at level 4.

No you’re not running the wrong NPC corporation, it will be the same for all Distribution Agents. However I’d suggest you find your self a system where you maybe can get 2 L3 agents and run them at the same time, this does require you to have 8k m³ cargohold as you can get missions that requests you to haul 4k m³ of cargo. The reason that I suggest you run L3’s is because there is only an insignificant increase in rewards from L3 to L4 and you can make more if you run dual L3’s. Also distribution missions have next to no risk involved which is why the rewards are much less than Security missions, not to mention that you do not kill any NPC enemies in Distribution missions. While a Security mission can take up to 60min to run, Distribution only takes 5-10 min (more if you’re auto-piloting).

Distribution missions are fast and essentially risk free. I run L4’s for Thukker out of Totkubad. Loyalty Points can be used to purchase Nomad implants and Thukker faction modules - somewhat more valuable than most other LP.

You can do the same thing running L4 distribution missions for Sisters of Eve out of Gicodel but will get more missions to lowsec.

Run them in a blockade runner - i.e. Prowler - twice as fast as the Mammoth.

When calculating ISK/hour be sure to include LP and storyline rewards.

Because these things are so safe and easy, you can multibox and have several missions on the go at the same time.

Distribution missions have the least direct player involvement and risk, thus they have much lower rewards. It’s barely worthwhile even stacking loyalty points with distribution, security missions will give you much more. If I had a recommendation, it would be not to get stuck space trucking. It’s not a very fun way to play the game.

That’s true, but the upside of running distribution missions is that you can get your standing up with the chosen NPC Corp without losing standing with another NPC corp, including Pirate factions, not that it matters anyway

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