Distribution missions

Is it worth skilling for blockade runners and do distribution missions?

What isk/h could you expect? or is it just terrible?

I just got back from a long break from EVE, and i was intressed in space trucking as a semi passive income.

Don’t skill for that.

For L4s you only need a T1 indus, worse case in “beefing up” with 8000 volume.

Blockade runners are very useful ships if you value your time - well worth the training time required. You can run L4 distribution missions twice as fast as a T1 industrial and when you’re not running missions, no other ship can move around New Eden as quickly or as safely while carrying a reasonable amount of cargo.

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Main purpose for Distribution missions is fast rep grinding. A ~3-5m ISK fit T1 is realistically all you need to risk on them. There are some distribution story line missions that have a much larger cargo requirement, but those aren’t your regular pulled missions.

The ISK per mission is downright terrible and the LP is merely okay… assuming you have the proper connections skill trained. Otherwise that is pretty bad as well.

With that said, they are the absolute fastest way to grinding your way into story line mission pulls as part of a rep grind or repair cycle. The only real value you get out of them is what you can extract profitably from an entities LP store. There are a few where said LP is more valuable than normal, but expect competition because of it.

Nope. Definetly do not train for it.

If you want to do distribution missions for some faction grind, skill up a Nereus or Badger to lvl 4 (or 5, but 4 will do), fit 3x T2 Inertia Stabilizers in lows, 1x T2 cargo expansion rig, 2x T2 warp speed rigs, carry 3 T2 cargo expanders with you. There are some missions which will require you to switch and use 1 cargo expander, and some but very few where you’ll have to use 2.

If you do your distribution missions in LS, then on super rare occasion you will need to use 3 expanders as the loads there are a little bit higher but give a lot more LP.

My alt flys a DST to do the missions when grinding for rep or LP. Slower, but I hit every agent from 1 to 4 and haul everything going the right direction. Then fly the route in reverse. This makes the lower level missions worth doing as they go to the same stations as the 4s and count towards the storyline mission count.

BRs and DSTs are great to have, I have 3 characters that can fly them. They are a core aspect to my trading and industry.

as far as distribution missions go I haven’t ran them since before the agent reclassification, really doubt they are worth it, they paid crap then when I had the appropriate connection skills for the agent, so it’s hard to see them paying more now. Maybe 2-3x the income for the extra warp speed on a BR, but that still doesn’t result in anything good.

Others have said it: it’s not worth getting into T2 industrials just for distribution missions. Nobody cares about ganking you because the cargoes are worthless, and you’re usually going about two jumps. Use the “fast” T1 industrial for your race, fit it with some nanofibers and maybe a hyperspatial rig, go.

When the Agent Finder window was a thing it was worth running L2 or L3’s and keeping finder open; every time you’d land in system with the right level distro agent stop by, grab another mission, add its destination as a way point, and “Optimize Route.” You end up running four or five at a time, and picking up or dropping off stuff at every jump. Storylines not quite twice an hour. I got my station trader from +1.0 to about +3.5 Caldari faction status in about six hours iirc.

Thanks for the answers everyone.
Shame distribution missions only purpose is standing then, i kinda always liked the “delivery” mechanic, shame you can make decent isk with it. And i wanted to try a new aspect of eve, but hauling seems to be a bad choice :slight_smile:

You can make pretty good bank with lvl 3 missions in NPC null sec. I never graduated up to level 4, but with level 3 missions, your destination may only be 1-2 jumps away, or even in the same system if there’s another station. Pirate LP is worth alot. At 6000 isk/lp, I was making about 120m isk/hr, running level 3s in a blockage runner. Since I was only choosing missions that required up to 2 jumps, the risk of a gate camp was small.

However, if you do it too many times, local pirates might detect a pattern and blow you up, so I only do it as a side gig to mix things up.

Oh that sounds pretty nice though!
Guess it take some practice, and i guess you need to have a nullsec corp?

You can do it as a solo player. There’s no need to join a local corp, although it will help. The blockade runner can warp cloaked, so it’ll take awhile before local pirates discover what you’re doing.


I guess all the missions, level 1-4 is located in null sec when it comes to pirate factions right?

Heya, I’m gonna shoot you an evemail.

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