Distribution missions should give a bonus per system traveled

I get the same ISK payout and LP if I delivered an item inside the same system or do a distribution mission where I have to travel 25 jumps.
It is stupid and makes no sense.
By the time I jumped 25 times I could have done 4 normal distribution missions if not more.

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You know you can decline a mission, right?

You decided to take the 25 jump mission when you could have declined it and taken the 4 normal missions.

Don’t blame CCP because you didn’t like the end result of a decision you made.

So decline the mission and take another…

I see this forum is full of people that just love assumptions.
Just great…
Maybe I already declined and didn’t want my standing to end and then went to other agents and did the same with insane missions that made no sense or were too risky?

If you have nothing useful to say without assumptions, then just don’t bother replying at all, please.

Maybe realize what kind of game you’re playing, not assuming you know everything about it.

You. :clap: Are. :clap: Supposed. :clap: To. :clap: Make. :clap: Choices. :clap: In. :clap: Eve.

As you said, you had already decided to decline one mission, then you chose not to decline the second and face the miniscule standing hit. Those 4 normal missions would more than recover the tiny loss from declining the mission, but you chose to take the long one instead.

Again, you decided, so you get to deal with the repercussions of your decisions. Welcome to EvE working as f*cking inteded. :roll_eyes:

Alternately, please explain to us how you bear zero responsibility for the choices you make in this game.

Which level distro missions are you running? I only run L4’s and I’ve never had one require me to travel more than 6 jumps one way.


Pro-Tip: Find an L4 distro agent in a station that is 6 to 8 jumps away from any low sec system. I found one I use every day. I never get sent to low sec, and the most jumps it ever has me do is 6.


Pro-Tip, use the agent locator to find a place where you’ve got multiple agents in close proximity. When you get a mission you don’t want to decline, for whatever reason, go to the next agent, then repeat.


Yep. Also helps to have a storyline agent in that same station.


If there’s not a storyline agent within 2 jumps I’m simply not basing there. :grin:

You must have a horrible life to hang around here in this forum just react like you do towards people.
I just came here for a new feature and not to be trash talked by some lonely old man that hates his own life.

I feel sorry for you and hope your days get a lot better.
Cause you’re just one big ball of negativity.

Doing level 3 but had those missions since level 2.
Keep declining them since the first time and noticed the pay is not more.
But the cooldown on decline is a bit harsh for someone that doesn’t have much time to play games all day.

Yeah I have one in the system next to me so the storyline agent is fine.

Yeah, for some reason the lower-level distro missions will send you several jumps out fairly often. I haven’t found that to be the case with L4’s. Might also depend on the space you’re in.

It’s not as much of an issue with L1 and L2 distro missions as those can be done in a sub-2 second align Sunesis. Starting with L3’s though, gotta have a hauler.

Insult me all you like, it’s amusing. Not stepping in dog sh*t at the park is more important to me than you are, and it just reinforces my already low opinion of you.

You’re still not explaining why you think you should have zero repercussions for the decisions you make in EvE.

Although you should really work on your originality. Those are the insults everyone I disagree with projects on me, and they’re getting old and tired already.

Ok then I hope I get to Level 4’s quick.
Because those missions don’t make sense.
I mean, in real life, why would someone accept such an offer if they get paid the same for something that takes 6x less time.
It does not make sense as a mission giver to even give such missions.
And that is the issues why I went here hoping for a normal conversation like I have with you unlike with that other rude person.

Got to reach 5.0 standing to unlock L4’s. Once you have that, L4’s require up to 8,000 m3 cargo. If you get a distribution storyline, some of them require up to 9,200 m3.

Maybe next time you should ask for advice instead of whining about it and demanding for more. :thinking:

You complained in the first sentence, insulted in the second, then solved your own problem in the third. Maybe wake up and realize the negative reaction is all your doing. When you were given feedback, you immediately insulted in return.

There’s an entire section of this forum devoted to helping players with missions. You never posted there, you came straight here and demanded you be given more because you didn’t like what you were given.

Maybe because it is the truth?
If you already tell me others react the same towards you as I do, then I am really surprised that you haven’t realized yet that just maybe YOU are the problem?
Or you’re just delusional.
I mean, sure they might get old and tired, but maybe you are too.

Maybe just react neutral or helpful like the other guy or learn to be social, that would definitely help you a lot.

Anyway, leave me alone and bother someone else.
I won’t respond to you anymore because you’re definitely a waste of everyone’s time as you basically stated yourself.