Missioning for the "lesser" factions

On my main, i’ve avoided running missions against any of the main factions so that I have positive standing with Caldari, Amarr, Gallente and Minmatar. However this account is an alt and I dont want to be bound by such restrictions.

I went out to do Gurista missions in Venal but found a couple of problems 1: This character sucks at even level 1 security missions (against the foes Gurista’s put me against anyway) and B: We Form Volta have a staging setup in the system that I found myself in to do the missions.

With that in mind I wanted to get opinions on other outlier factions that may be worth doing missions for. I know i could go to SOE but feel that because of the Sister Probes and Launchers that that is a popular choice. Ive still to go through the LP stiores and also find out where other factions are but what are peoples thougths on these other factions like Thukker, Mordus etc.

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While I have no direct experience with it, Thukker appears to be a good choice if you are considering the LP market - my understanding is Thukker has among the most valuable LP in the game.

If you just want to play around with Null Sec missioning for pirates, I’d say hit up @Archer_en_Tilavine’s USIA Discord to chat a hit about missioning running mechanics in low/null; if nothing else, he has some great mission fits for security and distro missions in all regions. Website is here - anchored on the Null-Sec L1/2 mission fit


:red_circle: Curse is a great region to run missions of all levels. Most L1 missions for Angel and Serpentis are in quiet systems and you even have some L4 agents in lesser used systems. Additionally, certain L4 missions rarely leave their agent system, which means you can run them easily in BS. I like my Dominix for Security L4s. Another great advantage of Curse is that it has stations in a lot of the systems, which means you can put a BS and other ships in each system around your preferred agent(s) and run missions even if they go out of system.

The same principle can be applied to Stain. Syndicate is a great region for mission running for Intaki as well.

Using blinged ships is something I am generally not a fan of. They paint a big Find Me mark on your back and that is something you really do not like to have. People have tried to find and engage my Dominix but I have heard from a few scanners they are not particularly intrigued by a T1 BS when they can have Marauders and pirate BS instead.

You should be aware of that there are several groups living in both regions. For instance, Fraternity is running missions on a massive scale around the OSY area. Unless you can broker a deal with them, you won’t be able to accomplish much there. Stain also has several groups like Ferrata Victrix, which will also hunt you.

Thanks @Mkikaden_Tiragen & @Zhalyd_Lyehin I will look into those. thanks very much.

I’ve been summoned! :confetti_ball: Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here.

@Astraea_Motsu it is possible to simultaneously maintain and improve standings with factions that hate each other - we’ve mathed it out. There is a limit, of course, but we’ve figured out how to max these out. It suffices to say you can be simultaneously positive with all factions at the same time even if you’ve pissed them all off. (At the barest of minimums, you can keep all above -2, so you retain access to L2-L5 missions and epic arcs with all of them without facpo harassing you.)

Some of the methods are discussed in this guide. I’ve yet to update the guide with additional ways to accomplish this (and honestly I could probably break it down into two or three smaller guides also), but if you want to stop the USIA Discord server I’d be happy to discuss with you how to both maintain standings and also mission effectively for any faction. At USIA, we specialize in mission blitzing - any faction and we’ll do it and do it well. If you have questions on missioning, stop by for a chat. (Or if you’d like to be paid to run missions, we’re always hiring!)

@Zhalyd_Lyehin you forgot your :red_circle: . That means you’re not allowed to start your posts/thread titles with that anymore. You’ve forfeited that privilege. Disgraceful. I’m ashamed even to have ever met you as a forum regular :stuck_out_tongue:


:red_circle: Don’t know what you mean. :innocent:

Another thing to keep in mind when you run missions in Curse and Stain is that you need to collect the tags from the NPC. They are a big chunk of your rewards.

And another things: It is personal preference but I use a dedicated character for the mission running. Keeps you from having to deal with FacPo and other nasty surprises should have to go to high sec. Minmatar really loves to hunt my bottom when I got to to there for some drones or skills.

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There are two big groups of pirates that hate each other, just like the Amarr/Caldari and Minmatar/Gallente split in highsec. So, it is easy to build your standings with one group, but the other group will gradually come to dislike you.

Thukker is a nice choice because you can earn the loyalty points in low/null and then redeem them in highsec. I guess you could do the same thing with Sisters of Eve, but I don’t like those patronizing, sanctimonious do-gooders.

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I see a lot of people posting stuff about Thukker Tribe but they all left out the most important aspect about them… Thukker Tribe only has positive standings with Minmatar Republic and negative standings with most of the other Factions…

That means if you gain Faction standing with Thukker Tribe from Storyline or Cosmos Agents (Yes, Thukker Tribe has 7 different Cosmos Agents), you will then incur negative standing hits with most of the other Factions (except Minmatar Republic) which could adversely affect your ability to travel throughout most of High Sec space.

Now you can bypass that situation just by declining all Storyline mission offers and only do regular missions for Thukker Mix Corp or Trust Partners Corp to collect LP’s.

As for what items to get from the LP Store, you should first check the Market for what sells the best. Years ago back when I was running missions for Thukker Mix in Derelik Region, Thukker Shield Extenders were a good selling high priced item in the Market.

Lastly, you can repair negative standings easily and quickly without paying somebody else to do it, check out ‘The Plan’ for more info on how to do that.

@DeMichael_Crimson thanks for replying. I read your post elsewhere and was going to avoid the storyline missions with Thukker and just get up to do L3 distribution missions (as alphas cannot do L4).

The character I am doing this with however is an Alpha and will never be more than that so obtaining bad standings elsewhere may not actually make any difference. In saying that if there is no need to trash standings then I won’t.

I should hopefully be able to hit L2 missions by the end of today. I may set up other Alphas to do other Outlier factions too.

As for selling I read somewhere regards the price difference whlst the sig radius modifier is 5m less on the Thukker LSE compared to the RepFleet one the price difference is huge so I was going to try and sell them (or other Thukker LP store items) a different way, maybe take order of the forums and set up contracts at a pre agreed price… soemthing to think about though.

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An Update

Recap: This is an Alpha character grinding (and it IS grinding) standing with Thukker mix, specificaly Trust Partners as I found several Level 2 distribution mission agents within a few jumps of eachother. Today I hit standings top be able to do level 3 missions (with trust partners, not with Thukker MIx)

As an Alpha with few skills the idea was to do Level 3 (as because an Alpha I cannot do level 4) distribution missions, play for maybe an hour a day to get LP so I can offer/sell Thukker items/modules

The Reality, we’ll at least my reality.

After grinding what seemed like an endless number of level 2 distribution missions sprinkled with about 3 faction standing killing storyline missions I hit 3.52 standing with Trust Partners. My nearest (and indeed only) level 3, Trust Partner distribution agent was in Tanoo so headed there.

Level 3 Distribution agents for Thukker Tribe below
2 High Sec
4 Low sec
the rest Null sec

Things of note:

  • Being Alpha and not really able to protect myself in low I opted to just do high sec. This is the first issue. There are not that many of them. The Trust Partner in Tanoo is all there is.
  • The Agent in Ibaria is 3 jumps away but he is Thukker Mix, so I would need to grind up my standing with them, If i could do that without losing the will to live then I would have 2 level 3 agents in high sec close to eachother.
  • Despite that I headed to Tanoo, opened a conversation with Gotreda Hrein and was offered a mission worth 133 LP. wtf.

F**k This

  • Before my main accounts went Alpha I was doing Level 4 security missions with myself and an alt in Ravens, I recall LP payouts of 3500 LP sometimes higher. Whilst I didnt expect L3 Disty missions to compare with L4 Security ones I was hoping for between 650/800 LP per mission (I do know that LP varies from mission to mission and Ive not worked out an average over say 20 missions with my skills.
  • The cheapest item on within the LP store is 10,000 LP for a Thukker Small Cap Battery. So lets assume an average of 200 LP per misson it would take me 50 missions (82 @ 122LP per mission) (with 1 agent available) to afford that item
  • The Thukker Large Shield Extender is 27,000 LP and that would be 135 missions (222 missions @ 122 LP per mission) at an average of 200 LP per mission.
  • Whatever way you cut it that is pretty s**t, even if i took into consideration the low sec missions and didnt get killed that is still a high number of missions, and even then there only 2 trust partner agents in low sec relatively close but they are 6 and 7 jumps respectively


So, from what I can tell the time and effort vs reward is not worth it, I assume this will be the case of all other outlier factions too. (indeed all other factions period).

From my perspective I am thinking what can I do that feels worthwhile in game in an Alpha character. This is something I will need to think on and maybe just biomass them because it just isnt worth my time at these numbers.

I’d be really interested in the thoughts/opinions of @Archer_en_Tilavine and @DeMichael_Crimson on this, perhaps i’ve miscalculated or looking in the wrong place or just simply overlooking something here.

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Distribution missions pay orders of magnitude less LP than security missions in terms of LP/hr. If you’re trying to farm LP, security missions are the only worthwhile way to go (assuming you’re at least decent in mission running - you do NOT need blingy ships to be decent). Not only that, but CCP nerfs payouts for some corps over others on top of the already-wide gap between distribution and security missions - I don’t know if the Thukker corps are among them, though. The only time you’d want to run distribution missions is if you’re multitasking IRL and are semi-AFKing EVE on the side generating income while doing other things on or physically near your computer - then “free” income, however little, is better than no income. (DO NOT AUTOPILOT!!!)

Also: Thukker Mix is a better corp to mission for, though I can see why you might prefer Trust Partners if you’re restricted to running L3 security missions.

If you’d like to get paid to run missions, you’re welcome to work for my group USIA. You’ll earn enough enough ISK in a relatively short period of time to PLEX to Omega, at which point you can run L4s (specifically the L4 Thukker Mix security missions in hisec for LP farming). Granted, you may need to let your skills train first, and if you haven’t reached the 5m SP softcap for Alphas yet, you might want to consider reaching it first before getting Omega and possibly getting Daily Alpha Injectors for a while after that (there are pros and cons to all this PLEXing vs waiting/DAIs), but at least you’ll have that opportunity within reach. If you’re interested in discussing the opportunity, join the USIA Discord to discuss further.

Thanks, Ill take a look on your site to see how close this character is to one of the ships to do security missions. Disty missions are indeed crap, i guess maybe a quck way to get standings, ive not done level 2 or 3 security missions to compare the LP payout

Have you trained up the Divisional Connections skills = Security Connections, Distribution Connections and Mining Connections?

All 3 skills give a 10% gain in LP rewards per level trained while working for an Agent from that specific division. Unfortunately Alpha accounts can only train those skills to level 2.

As for running Distribution missions, the best way to do it is to work multiple Agents that are located near each other at the same time. Hopefully set up a route that travels back and forth between Agents allowing you to keep your cargohold full while traveling.

Also if going strictly for Loyalty Points, don’t ignore the other level Agents, especially if they’re located nearby or in the same station / system. After setting destination for pick-up or delivery on each agent, make sure you ‘Optimize’ your route to minimize the travel time.

From my search, Trust Partners has 5 High Sec Distribution Agents in Derelik Region:

  • Gotreda Hrein = Level 3 - Tanoo System (0.9)
    Station = Tanoo IV - Trust Partners Trading Post

  • Meirlar Hogstossen = Level 2 - Kasrasi System (0.6)
    Station = Kasrasi IX Moon 5 - Trust Partners Trading Post

  • Tobekarulf Fadvamund = Level 2 - Agha System (0.7)
    Station = Agha IX Moon 6 - Trust Partners Warehouse

  • Wlbrok Olvika = Level 1 - Nikh System (0.8)
    Station = Nikh V Moon 2 - Trust Partners Trading Post

  • Ikostur Itur = Level 1 - Fovihi System (0.9)
    Ststion = Fovihi V Moon 6 - Trust Partners Warehouse

Ah yes, I was just going for the agent of the level that I could do in the hope that there were more of them rather than going for level 1 to 3 etc, but even looking at incorporating the lower level agents ) I think level 2 were offering me an average of maybe 60LP per mission I just don’t think that the effort put in equates to anything worth doing.

Ill admit ive not trained Distribution Connections at all, but at 34m for the skill I dont think it will be the decision between doing and not doing the missions, I have connections and negotiation to 2 and social to 3

I think I am going to biomass the alpha accounts, ultimately they are never going to be as good as I want them to be, I have 6 characters on what were until 3 days ago Omega accounts and i think i’d be better off using those if and when I decide to resub.

One of my theories around using alphas was that I found myself extremely bored and unfulfilled generally with EvE and I was hoping to use them to carve out a niche area (outlier faction missions being one of them) but it would seem that is not the case ( i guess rightly so as a free account I shoudl have limitations) but them if i am bored s**tless when my accounts were Omega who knows what I was thinking that that would be different as an alpha.

Logically, CCP has minimized low-risk income for Alpha accounts - a lot of low-risk high-reward content accessible to free accounts would undermine their income stream. This doesn’t mean there are no ways to make money as an alpha account, but there aren’t a lot that have minimal investments (time/effort/risk). Even for Omega accounts, there aren’t that many low-risk high-reward activities that have low starter costs (Incursions take a minimum of 250m ship cost + skill training time; PI requires an Omega account and a ton of research/skill investment/processing time to pay out, etc). Missioning can be OK money, but you have to optimize skills and fits for it, and the best money in it comes from blitzing security missions, not semi-afk distribution missions.

Indeed, it makes sense on CCPs part. I just thought it might be a thing but its not, which is fair, its not cost me anything accept time.

Ive 3 alpha characters, ill biomass 2, keep one for a forum alt. and have the break from eve that I should be having anyway

Might as well keep them and idly train them up to 5m SP - if you find a use for them later that makes them worth plexing, they can SP farm for additional income. Or just random alts to throw at experiments without having to train up again. I’m always fond of a good emergency CONCORD-pulling alt while in high sec, for example.

it’s not about the faction, it’s about the distribution missions.
FYI you can run L3S in eg a mach, or a barghest, and make a correct amount of isk, circa 50M/h

Those Agents are all located within half dozen jumps of each other and their drop off / pick up locations could be en-route while traveling. Main thing is to ‘Optimize’ your route after accepting each Agents mission. The reason for working all Agents level 1 to level 3 is to ensure you’re always transporting cargo which will minimize time spent to maximize LP gain.

Anyway, that’s pretty much how I did years ago.