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I’m looking at moving an alt that is almost brand new out to Stain to try running missions for Sansha. Not necessarily worried about efficiency right now. I am just wanting to try something different I’ve never done before.

I am looking for suggestions on what ship line would be best to train this alt into for missions in that space. Character is very low sp, so the entire range of new eden ships are open as everything needs to be trained. I am having a hard time finding a guide as to what factions most missions will be against in order to make my own determination on what damage I will need to tank project.

Any help that can be offered would be appreciated.

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Drone ships. Not having to constantly import ammunition is really great. Dominix for L4s is great. Gila or Vexor Navy for L3s is also great.

If you want to run Burner missions eventually, you have to bring a wide variety of ships as each Burner requires different ships.

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Burn stain to the ground.

Since you’ll be running missions for Sansha, it’s a pretty good bet that the encounter missions will be against enemy Factions to Sansha, both Empire and Pirate. Due to derived standings you’ll also incur negative standings with Factions friendly to those enemy Factions.

Sooo, I’m thinking for Empire it’ll mainly be missions against Amarr and for Pirate it’ll mostly be Angel. Also probably have a small amount of missions against all the other Factions including Concord.

Blood Raider and Guristas are friendly Pirate Factions to Sansha so I doubt you’ll get any missions against them.

Ok. So I will probably end up wanting two set ups. One to deal EM/Thermal against amarr and another to do explosive/kinetic against angel.

I appreciate the warning with regards to standing loss, but this is an alt that I’ve been doing skilling spree on and have decided to maybe try something a bit different on than just running hi sec belts. So if he ends up unable to go into empire space I’m not overly concerned.

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Don’t derived standings only apply to relationships with the primary faction (in this case Sansha)? That is to say, one hop. As logical as it would sound, in my experience and understanding there are no two hop derived standings (“the enemy of my friend is also my enemy”, if you will), unless there is a direct relationship with the primary faction.

If you gain standing with one Faction, you also gain a smaller amount of standing with their friends. At the same time you lose standing with their main enemy Faction and a lessor amount of standing with their friends.

Soo, let’s say you do a Storyline mission for Sansha and gain Faction standing with them, at the same time you’ll also gain small derived standing with Blood Raiders and Guristas Factions.

Along with that you’ll also incur negative standing with all Factions that have bad standings with Sansha.

However there is a high/low cap on derived standings which can be viewed in this Standings Graph.

All correct and understood. Maybe I was overthinking what you wrote originally, but my point was only that in your example, I believe the derived standings you will receive depend solely on each faction’s relationship with Sansha and not with Amarr.

Doing storylines for Sansha doesn’t account for enemies of Amarr aside from the fact that those factions are also likely to be enemies of Sansha. “The friend of my enemy is my enemy” is usually true for most factions, but not always. For example, the Thukkers are neutral to Angels and friendly with Minmatar, but Angels and Minmatar are hostile with each other. Storylining for Thukker won’t trash your Angel standing unless you shoot Angel ships.

Shooting Amarr ships likewise does not incur standings losses with Amarrian allies such as the Caldari. You can see this cleanly by rolling a new character and shooting a faction ship. The only faction standings loss you’ll take is with the faction that you shot.

I think we’re saying the same thing just in different ways.

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Yeah, I wasn’t talking about shooting the ships, I was talking about gaining Faction standing.

Take for example Amarr, when you gain Faction standing with them, you’ll also gain derived standings with Ammatar, Caldari, Khanid Kingdom, Mordu’s Legion and The Interbus. Also at the same time you’ll incur negative derived standings with Gallente, Guristas, Jove, Minmatar, Ore, Sansha’s Nation, Blood Raiders, The Society and Thukker.

However there’s a cap on the derived standings, for example while you continue gaining positive standing with Amarr, when Gallente drops to -2.00 standing you’ll no longer incur any negative standings towards them. The cap for Minmatar is -5.00 standing.

Of course if you do Anti-Empire encounter missions against those Factions, some of the missions will incur negative standing hits for ship kill. That’s why everybody says decline all Anti-Empire encounter missions, so players can still travel freely through Empire High Sec space without getting attacked by Faction NPC’s.

The graph I linked shows the cap for both positive and negative derived standings. Unless CCP has changed things in-game, I believe that graph is still accurate.

Yep, agreed on all points. I think I just misunderstood you.

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