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i been gone since 2014, and well i want to do level 4 missions in stain area vs sansha nation. whats a real great ship to blitz and keep going i belive back in 14’ we used a tengu is that still the best ship or is the machariel or a missle loki the new thing, plz advice and give me a good fit plz. and is there any way to get my standing up besides social skill… thank u for ur advice

I used to use a Vargur back when I ran missions in Stain on my alt in between PVP ops for -A- (G-ME2K, with 6 L4 Q20 agents in one system was a heady, heady time). Don’t ask me for a fit though, it was before even Bastion’s time, probably circa 2009. Tengu’s are, I believe, pretty rad still although I have never used one for PVE, I’m sure you could find a L4 mission Tengu fit easily enough on Google. Mission specific hardeners and electable damage type etc etc.

I believe there is an avenue through the Amarr Epic Arc to get an increase in Sansha standing, although I have not done it myself. It should be 10% (12.5% with Social V). Besides that, Connections IV will serve you well as you grind up the levels. Also, you’ll want to train up Negotiations and and the skill that increases LP as high as possible because you don’t tend to get many bounty missions from Pirate Factions, the bulk of the reward comes from LP and tag drops.

[edit] I have just re-read your post. You want to do missions against Sansha? Well Stain is probably the worst place to do it as the only missions you can get in the area are working for Sansha (against other Factions). Presumably you mean Exploration rather than L4 missions, but since that entirely negates the premise behind the opening post (e.g. you have asked for a mission ship, not an exploration ship, and to my knowledge there are no Social Skills that will increase your exploration chances) I think I’ll leave it for now until you reassess what you are looking for. Good luck anyway.

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Khanid Voltar No no , you are correct the 1st time i want to do missions in stain vs sansha nation . its weird how to explain it … im doing missions now for true power so i get sansha and faction standings weird if i kill a sansha ship by a stargate it counts against me but if i do a mission for them im good lol so ya . im almost at level 4s now i will try a tengu fit who knows maybe my old one still works from 2013 … also you said you used to have some L4 agents Quality 20 how can you check for quality now or is that gone. and BTW fyi and all that the mission channel is so dam dissapointing… over 130 ppl constantly there …yet ask a mission question and no one answers you. or you get ppl saying look it up in google… so dam annoying … everything in google is outdated you think a mission channel would help but just a bunch of trolls and bots. they need to get rid of them channels its helping no one.

Agents used to have different qualities from minus 20 to plus 20; sometimes a high quality L3 would be worth more than a lower quality L4, not to mention if one if there was in a lower sec status than the other. That all got changed a while back, effectively (from what I hear), they are all L20 now. But back in '09, believe me it was an amazing eye opener as to how missions could really be run.

As I say, don’t know too much about Tengu’s except everyone loves them. Loki’s are pretty dope too now, was rocking a 1k DPS Covert Ops fit until friday when my ISP dropped just after warping into Dread Pirate Scarlet :sadparrot: but the thing I found was that it could be tricky with the lack of range given by medium turrets. Maybe a heavy missile fit tengu will alleviate that (I dont know, not tried - used to love running L4’s in Venal back in '08 in my cerb though).

Re: what you are saying about Sansha ships on gate, I would just ignore them unless they scramble you or are of a commander level spawn (e.g. True Sansha xxx). As you say, if you shoot them you are disdvantaging your npc corp/faction standings. And definitely don’t go ratting (on that toon). If you really do want to rat etc as well, I would start an alt toon to use as a mission puller; do the missions/ratting on your main and that way you don’t bork your mission pullers standings.

Re: missions mostly everyone, including me just uses eve-survival for mission briefings. In fact these days it is true if you just google ‘mission name’ level 4 the eve-survival guide just comes up top of the list (for me anyway, maybe it is my cookies). I still do it today unless I know for a fact I know the mission inside out, the site is user-updated so if there is a recent change someone tends to update it. I can’t say owt about the channel as I am not a member though.

If you want to really boosh your Sansha standings then look up ‘right to rule’ it is the Amarr epic arc (see here). The option to switch to get Sansha standing is mission 14 of Chapter 3. However, if you are already setup in Stain and motoring through L3 agents quick enough (e.g. at least one storyline every day or two) I’d just stay where you are than relocate just for 10/12.5%, which is quite paltry in comparison to the faction standing you want of 0.5 (roughly 50%). In all honesty, I wouldn’t even worry about Faction standing and cherry picking for now, just focus on getting your corp standing to true power up and that’ll sort you out for L4’s in the shorter term, which will give you your faction standing of +5 in the longer term anyway.

I can give you generic mission advice all day, but no idea how well it translates to nullsec where other players are a bigger danger than the missions. Mach is the best mission ship imo, has a great combo of warp speed + damage. But again no idea how much time other players spend hunting in null mission areas. Might want a covert ops + interdiction nullified t3c. tengu/loki probably the best choices there.

and then you probably want to pay attention to the burner missions as they give a lot of LP. Someone mentioned running with 2x daredevils and a kitsune as a good way to cheaply clear most null burners. But there are also a bunch of 100-300mil isk solo fits that can clear them too.

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Look here for information:


Thing about PvE Tengus in general is that they are most effective vs anything that takes extra damage from kinetic, which Sansha does not. Loki will slightly out DPS the Tengu nowadays with a far better and well rounded tank. Lokis do not have a resist hole on their shields unlike all other ships, thus making them very easy to fit. You can basically get an omni tank fit on a Loki for the same use of slots, PG / CPU as you would a specialized tank on any other ship. Its what makes them so OP at the moment.

I believe he means missions from True Creation agents.

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