NPC Null-Sec Corp Seeking Members (PVP & Missioning)


I am looking for new members to join my corporation for PVP & Mission running in the Stain region,

I am the CEO and I am from the UK and I’d like to run an easy-going corp which will be lots of fun and nothing like the strict requirements found in an alliance. I have been playing for over 10 years, I am 42 years old and I still enjoy this game very much and would definitely like to work with some other cool people.

There are enemies living close by who come for a fight a few nights per week and it is lots of fun, I am currently alone and can definitely appreciate what more members can bring to the table, I am very much looking forward to getting to know some cool guys from across the world.

I am mainly looking for people from the UK and EU and I am happy to accept people from US time zones. Due to Stain being mostly EU players I do find that the US time zones are very quiet so there is vast opportunity to earn without being disturbed.

Sansha missions are very profitable especially the burner missions where theres lots of LP’s up for grabs.

If you are looking for relaxed PVE & small gang PVP with cool people on your fleet then this is the corp for you. Please feel free to leave your details here or send me an Evemail and I will contact you asap.

Currently the requirement is pilots who can at least complete a level 4 mission, however I am still happy to take on people with less experience who are keen to learn.

Thanks very much for taking a look, I’m looking forward to chatting.

Fly Safe!

Yo. Which parts of Stain are you talking and how are your standings with Wrecktical ?

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I can’t reveal where I am on this forum please do feel free to message me in-game.

I can say that Wrecktical are far from me and I have never seen them in my constellation. Currently I don’t have standings with anyone.


To bump my thread I will talk about recent events.

Today I did some ratting in my Tengu, I use HAM’s with T2 ammo, for Sansha I protect against EM and Thermal and I travel belt to belt. The BRM (Bounty Risk Modifier) is great in npc-null, my system’s level is currently 140% so if I kill 1m isk worth of npc’s I will get around 1.4m isk.

As I was ratting the local enemies came in a Deimos, Jackdaw, and Crow, I quickly jumped in my Tornado to see if I could primary strike one of the smaller ships while avoiding the bigger. I have the whole system bookmarked so it was easy for me to warp in on them at sniper range. I came close to killing one of them but they gave up quick and left.

Ok, as I say I’m 42 years old from the UK, I am currently employed doing Tech support at home for a charity organisation and I very much enjoy my employed and self employed aspects of my work.

I am very much a tv show fanatic and I will watch most cool shows containing sci-fi, action, and some comedy (not much mind you). I really love Eve with a passion and I am going to be here for a while so I felt I should inject some personality into my posts here to show people who are interested that I would really like to be part of a nice relaxed easy going corp where there’s cool people and lots of fun.

Currently there is a Plasma Metaliminal storm in the system I dwell in which can decrease or increase ship attributes. One of the attributes it increases is turret/missile damage by 50%. My tengu normally outputs around 800dps with t2 ammo, with the Metaliminal plasma storm in effect I get 1200dps which I am really enjoying.

A friend of mine from the US has come to live in Stain which will help with security and getting an initial group of pilots together. We are looking to do some gate camping with bubbles as we know our enemy does a lot of relic sites in Astero’s.

If anyone is looking to get involved in regular small gang pvp contact me, there really is lots of isk and fun to be had around here.

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