STA'IN is Recruiting! (NPC Space, ISK & PVP)

STA’IN - 10+ Years Stain NPC Nullsec Residents.
-Living in Stain NPC Space.
-New Player friendly with years of experience in Corp.
-Relaxed Atmosphere with Daily Activity.
-PVP and Indy focused.
-Space for you to explore and play the game the way you want to.
-PVP Training, Moon Mining, Faction/Officer Spawns, Intact Plate Relics, Burner Sansha Missions, Triple your earning potential.
-Access to SOV in Cache.
-Limited CTA’s
-Mostly Older Players.
-Life first, community focused.
-Relaxed PVE, Local Blue Coalition.

-For recruitment, contact: L0rdF1end, Ellinor Hanson Arareb or reply here.
You can also reach me on Discord, to do so, send direct in game mail with your Discord username.

Fly Wise

Is this in caldari or minmitar space? Are there orca boost fleets for highsec moons?

In NPC Null, Stain, which is South of Amarr.

Great bunch of people! Perfect for those who either want a break from the monotony of SOV space or want to get into real nullsec life!

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Downtime bump, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Bump Mc’Bump Face.

Bumping! Looking to grow our amazing corp, great people, great access, great content.

Recruitment open!

Happy Sunday Bump! Active Corp, Indy, PVP, Team work and ISK. Mostly older players, English speaking, EU and US timezone.

Monday Bump, still recruiting, old and new, relearning and tenured, isk and narrative.

Still recruiting, come find your long term home with us!

Great bunch of people! A++++ on Ebay!

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Amazing team and spoilt for choice on activities of all kinds. I leave you open to contact and find a greener grass with us.

Recruitment continues in this fine specimen of a Corp.

Recruitment is open, come experience life in Stain and all it has to offer.

Recruiting recruiting recruiting. Come join a solid core and have fun with eve!

Recruitment ongoing, plenty of fun and stuff to do. Happy to help new and old members getting back into the game.

Recruitment very much open! Come live the life you’ve always dreamed of :slight_smile:

We Are Sansha!
On a serious note, looking for moon and ice miners, manufacturers, relicers, ratters and mission runners that would like to do some pvp on the side. Contact me in game and we can take it from there.

Recruitment still open, come enjoy a more relaxed playstyle full of content.