Stain NPC Nullsec - Rich in Content - Join SNC today!

Stain NPC Nullsec space is a rich dynamic part of the sandbox. You can find some of the best PVP and PVE available. From small gang fleets up to capital sized engagements. For PVE - Stain has some of the richest R64 moons in the galaxy which is another addition to drive conflict. Relics, Plexes and more await you.

We are Stain North Coalition (SNC) - operating in EU and US time zone. We are carving space for our group which now includes 4 Alliances + other supporting entities.

We are looking for other interested groups interested in content in Stain that would like to work alongside us in our current and future goals.

If you have interest (Corps and Alliances of all levels considered), please reach to us via our Discord: or alternatively via our in game chat ‘Happy Public’

Stay Happy New Eden!

  • SNC Leadership Team.

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