NPC Stain 0.0 - Building A Small Community Hub, Codename: Hubzero

Hi There,

I am interested in building an economy and small community in Stain which is NPC 0.0 as I feel I am missing out on player interaction, I have played the game solo for many years.

I have been active in Stain a lot recently doing Havens, Hubs and other rated combat sites. I am using a Tengu which I refit in space for Interdiction nullification and covert cloak, this enables me to travel to other systems along the pipe without too much trouble.

I’d like some cool blue pilots to work with under a relaxed agreement where we can stay in our own corps and help each other with combat sites and missions, and also have each others back in scouting/intel and some low-cost pvp. I know there are some really cool people all over the world and I am very interested in getting to know you and sharing our hobby which is Eve Online.

I have checked myself and have found that I am not ready to build a corp just yet and I don’t want the responsibility at this time in my life. Also I am a very independent person and I like being free within Eve to do as I please. I believe there are many like me who could benefit from working with others under a relaxed agreement.

Some of the benefits of this;

  • T1 Market with most of the T1 modules
  • Lots of combat sites/Escalations
  • Very quiet in US timezone serious isk to be claimed
  • Sensible and friendly blues like myself
  • No corp or alliance to commit to
  • Friendly relaxed environment
  • Banter and Good conversation
  • Happy to help Newbros
  • True Sansha and Sansha Officer spawns worth Billions.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I’m really looking forward to making some friends.

Fly Safe o7


Just a question: Why do you run anomalies against Sansha Nation IN Sansha Nation territory where you have access to Level 4 missions for Sansha Nation? Missions give you more ISK than the sparce Havens.


I’ve recently started to play at around 11pm to 2am GMT when the systems are clear, So yes getting sansha lvl4 missions is on my to do list.


As I understand the question was more along the line of why you ruin your sansha standings for anomalies that run out instead of running more valuable missions for them which never run out of stock.

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The time I used to play made it difficult to move about and dock to get missions from agents, So I tend to cloak up in systems with no stations without ever docking for weeks. This left belt ratting and any anomalies I scan out because I saw no point in risking my expensive ships constantly jumping gates.

One of my alts has good standing with Sansha, at one point I was using that alt just to select the missions and then using this main to do it, but again I got camped in the station and gave up on missioning.

I get the point of Zhalyd’s question, It is just difficult to play exactly the way you want when you are totally solo.


Shoot me an eve mail, I dig the idea of a community of independents…


Hi There,

I will be in contact very soon, a couple of things I was considering before we head down to Stain; perhaps we should start the independent group in high sec?

Maybe we could start on missions and chats in high sec for a couple of weeks and wait for a few more independents to join us?

I’m trying to play this carefully and ensure that anyone who might join this is aware of exactly what to expect in Stain.

I’m feeling excited about this, I’m really looking forward to getting to know some cool dudes :slight_smile:

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Sounds bueno. I’m currently in a spot near the Amaar hub farming emerging conduits.


Wow. Still giving this a go, eh? Impressive. I mean stubborn and always overly optimistic, but impressive.

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Syph and I are now in a chat channel, he seems like a focused and decent chap who enjoys Eve as much as I do. RL got in the way of my Eve game yesterday so hopefully over the next few days we will engage in some group activity.

To any other solo independent player that wants to have a look at this and contribute please feel free to shoot me a mail and I will hook you up with our chat channel.

The best thing Hilmar has ever said: “The best ship in Eve is the Friendship” . I definitely want to get behind this friendship campaign and support it.

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I’ve been keeping my eye out for a place for solos to go on the occasion they might wanna be a duo or more since i got into eve. Other games i’ve been able to PUG my way into finding a group of friends to play with but Eve ain’t so good for that, and I don’t have the personality type to thrive joining an established corp. I’ve been working on training a couple support alts to make living alone outside of highsec not a complete pain in the ass. It will be really nice to have a friend or two when i make that move. And if it turns out to bait, I’ll have somebody to plot revenge against, and that is purpose…


Hi Aaron,

Good to see you’re still active and working on the Null Sec Community project again.

I wish you lot’s of luck and much success.


I can relate to this a lot actually, I realised this a while ago and was a little worried about how I was going to meet people who have similar views to myself.

Indeed, from my perspective having one or two friends in Stain is a godsend, I’m even looking forward to simple things like posting intel in chat channels.

Haha, this venture is the real deal, I’m an honest sort of chap what you see is what you get really. I have tried this a few times before for a number of years and to be honest you are one of the first genuine independent solo players that has taken steps to join this. It is refreshing to find someone who plays the game similar to the way I do, so I’m going to ensure that you are happy with any assistance I can provide you with while you’re in Stain and hopefully other people that join our community will continue the trend.

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Hey All, I hope you have had a great Christmas Day and eaten plenty of food and spent time with your family. Make sure you go party on New Years!!

Christmas is a time for spending time with others, I just want to let you know I am here and very happy to make friends with anyone interested in doing group activity in hi sec or Stain. Eve is a great and epic game when one has a couple of people they can work with every now and again it really opens up the game and contributes to making Eve a great experience.



I’m very interested in your Solo community concept. Please let me know how I can reach you. Thanks!


You might try sending him an in-game Eve Mail message.

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Yes, i would like to socialize in Stain, will definitely ping you m8

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I really appreciate the interest shown in this project, Thanks. I’ve spoken to some really cool people and it looks like things are slowly moving forward. My excitement level increases each time someone shows an interest and gets involved in this, Eve online is a great platform for finding cool friends all over the world!

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Is there a Low-Sec gate available for this?

More seriously, this seems like something where you should ask @Avio_Yaken for advice if you haven’t already. He’s been doing some interesting stuff in Venal along a similar premise.


Are you asking if there is a route here from low sec? The system Keberz.

Cool, I’ll get in contact with Avio and see if I can get some pointers. thanks for the tip.


Avio’s Venal Community Project

@Gergoran_Moussou @Avio_Yaken

Lol, this is crazy, it’s like reading something I would have wrote word for word about my experience and goals in Stain. Hopefully both operations will help a few more pilots move to NPC 0.0. Please shoot me a channel name I can join. Thanks.

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