Stain - A Final Frontier

I feel I have found a good home for this thread and the amazing adventure I hope it will bring. I’m ready to play Eve and I’d like to be part of something.

The general outline of this event will be a long running venture to populate a section of Stain with a blue community. The goal of this venture is to build an economy in an area of Stain and benefit from PVE, part of the action will be to work together and provide a level of defence which will improve as more people get involved. I am actually very exited about performing a Concord security type role, it would be cool if I could get the opportunity to try it :slight_smile:

This venture is for the little guy or the corp that has little guys in it. I’d like it to be a relaxed environment with lots of exciting things to do. I’m very interested in getting to know lots of you who are young or mature, this will be open to absolutely anyone who genuinely wants to be involved.

I am sure we will have a great adventure which will be very exciting, lets see if we can bring this together under a relaxed no stress environment.

Thank you for reading, I will put a proposal together ASAP, please feel free to contact me or post any questions or ideas here.

Good luck with this endeavor! Be sure to post here anything worth mentioning so we can see how it progresses. o/

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Sorry for the delay in writing the proposal I am on it and will present it ASAP, I was thinking about the issue of getting stuff down here and I am seriously considering financing regular Black Frog deliveries.

Try pushx they are better.

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