HI, we are growing once again!

Small group , all araund oriented , a bit more pvp oriented is looking for more stain people , we are here for past 15 years, we do not plan to move. We have a nice home and rich space. Players here can easy make 1b isk per hour. We are new players friendly, and willing to teach the stain ways. We have 2.2% tax atm and it will get less as more people join. We work under no presure for anything, chill relaxing atmosphere.
Future plans is upcoming AT , and slow preperations towards it for 2024 …

If u want to join us pls sent me a mail ingame !!

our kb

<— migy

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Are you anywhere near QCKK-T? I have a Stain Alt that does Sansha missions

rps and that pocket

i was noob miner and ratter for corpo i met Migy , he trained me and im fcuken killer ;D

up , still looking for few more people

up , winnter is comming guys !!!

what are your standings with the stainbloc?


Willing to join up if your willing to have me onboard.

stainblock ?

lets talk ingame

up still looking for some more people , we have isk and ships :smiley:
for faster response just sent me a mail ingame will speed up things , i am not forum active very much

ferrata, good sax, the people who control the region

good sax is just like 5 people left… + alts
ferrata the russians , they are in sov now and easter stain is empty…
we are in west stain rps pocket , blue with whats left of romanians here …

no1 ever controled stain my friend… once stain wagon tryed and faild… goons tryed and faild …

we are growing , we want you to come grow with us :smiley: best buds

we live in the T8U pocket, small group, intrested in blueing?

looking for more stain people

ive got a stain on my underwear. Can I join?

u realy interested , hit me with a mail ingame …

i am happy to say that we are soon reaching our number goal … still open for few more

up for the daily stain