Newb searching for a home in Stain

Hello !

I’ve spend almost the entirity of my (very small) EVE time in that strange place that is Caldari highsec. In fact, I think except the time I tried FW in my trusty Merlin, I’ve never been too far away from Jita… So it’s quite easy for the ol’ chap living in lawless space to understand that being so close the scammerhub is not the best way to live EVE ^^

I currently have no experience in PVP, but it’s a domain I would like to explore more in depths. I’ve never participated in fleet operations, but I would love to do so as either a logistic ship (never flew those, so my skills concerning them are at a dead stop…), or as a damage dealer. Most of my skillpoints are in the Caldari techtree, up to the Ferox, which is a very fine ship for long range shenanigans with my railguns ^^
However, I’m currently training up for a Phantasm.

Now, concerning the title of my topic : why Stain ?
Because I would love to run some missions for the Sansha Nation (need to fix my standings with them first), missions for pirate cartels in dangerous space must be way more interesting when compared to the feeling of safety of highsec space (with Goons and TEST anchoring Keepstars eveyrwhere, it’s even less safe --")

So, I would like to be enlisted in a corporation willing to take in a complete retard in PVP, that would love to support them for home defence, attacks, and the generic mission runner in the sparse Sansha stations ! Also, the Industry field doesn’t really appeal me, so I won’t be able to help you guys concerning ship building or ressource harvesting, unless you want a Venture with no SP invested in Ressource Processing skills ^^

Fly recklessly !

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Hi there
We aren’t out in stain, but a decent Corp, part of allaince and coalition so we have the players and space for all things eve.
We have players old and new.

If we sound like we can float your boat come join for a chat and see if our space is good :+1:t2:

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