Looking for Stain corp

I’m bored of being in a huge corp, I’d like to be in something smaller and more personal, like under 60.

I’d prefer a Stain based corp who are mostly into pvp. Im new at pvp but i wanna learn, you’ve been warned.

I have 15m SP and mostly trained in gallente and amarr.

Yo m8, well wont say stain directly but both ur ship training and what u looking for is us, and quite immersive, sort of “role” pålaying as a Police force so Anti Pirate PVP. Have a read at our post see if its somthing for yah bro. Hope to ttys.

Hey Tiberius,

Check out our recruitment post. We might be a good fit for you. We dont live in Stain but we have some sov systems for easy ratting and the rest of the time we fly out of npc null.

Hi man check this link !!!

We can offer you what your looking for. Come talk to me in Game


Are you interested to come in our corp invite !

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