Looking for Stain Region pvp/pve

all my characters are in my corp. I want to come back to eve but in the stain region. i prefer to join an alliance with my corp because i dont want to move all my characters around. i can give APIs for all charaters if needed. i can fly everything in eve between all characters but no i dont have a titan lol.

Im US.TZ but i work late so im not on until 2am. i believe thats 7:00 eve time. and some around 16:00 eve time. depending on my RL (kids) . would like to be able to do pvp, some moon mining and npc missions .

Thanks in advance i know people will say join a corp but sorry dont want to move characters around.

you are welcome
join in our corp discord
we have good offer for you :grinning:

Are you established in stain area? Ill pvp wherever but i want to be able to do sites ect in stain aka gurista sites as well. If so it would be awesome

wee currently live in NPC Null Venal waaaaaaaaaaaay better than stain hop in “orbits pub” for a chat dude

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