LF an Alliance in Stain region

Would any alliance recruit a corp of 3 RL friends?

hello, we are 3 friends who started playing in 2006-2009. We have been in all parts of the galaxy in EvE.
Right now we are looking for a retirement home where we do casual pve and pvp. We will join as a corp and not merge or join another corp.

we are all old and have kids nowadays, so have little play times but we can still do jokes on discords :slight_smile:

has to be stain in particular or would you consider other places?

We dont want to deal with sov.
Stain NPC rergion would be a good fit for us, so yes Stain is prefered

Good evening.

Poke me for a chat whenever you do have the time for it.

You are welcome with us :grinning:

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