[NPC 0.0 - STAIN REGION] Bad Attitude. Alliance looking for corporations and individuals

Bad Attitude is a small group of long time Stain region residents.We are mostly euro timezone and real life friendly, engaged in everything a region has to offer.PVP oriented in a very content rich area, and a very limited blue standings list ( thanks ccp for zee low sec gate ).

We are looking to meet more individuals or corporations to share the eve online experience together, as a team.If you do understand NPC null, expect having a decent amount of space that offer pvp at your doorstep,content rich,as well as every pve opportunity that a region has to offer:

  • Small/med content sized fleets.
  • Level 4/Burner missions.
  • Sansha rats/anoms + DEDs + Escalations.
  • RELICS!!! (dank intact armor plates)
  • Rich ice belts + moon ores. ( We don’t really, but you can go ahead and do it )
  • NPC space/stations, your assets are allways safe.

We do not aim to become elite but would like to make our presence known.

Individuals may apply to Viper-Squad Corporation - with myself for a chat.

I am the one to contact in case of something from the above might get you guys interested or you would just like to have a chat about it.

ocsta - ingame.
ocsta#5391 - discord.

Dailly to the top of the top topics o.O

If you are one not scared of content at your door step, come check Stain for a bit.

Let’s try this again !