Seeking Sansha's Nation Corporation: Dedicated Succubus Pilot LFG in Stain

Hello! I am a dedicated Succubus pilot looking to join a corporation in Stain to improve my standings with Sansha’s Nation. I am specifically seeking groups with access to True Creations and True Power stations. This character is currently an alpha clone, and I am comfortable with voice communications.

As much as I would love to see your endeavor succeed. I don’t thinking most corporation do this sort of thing with pirate faction exclusively as the ships can get quite pricey. But i do know how lucrative that Pirate LP can be if your exporting those PF implants.

Thank you for the insights! My skills are tailored towards piloting the Succubus, which means I can necessarily fly both Caldari and Amarr frigate hulls. Since Sansha’s Nation primarily uses energy turrets, I tend to fly Amarr frigates when not in a Succubus.

The deleted post is a curiosity…

In addition to piloting the Succubus, I also have proficiency with more affordable ships such as the Imperial Navy Slicer and the Punisher. I believe I could also put together a competent fit for the Sunesis as well.