Pirate missions

which are the best paid ones or the best lp store?

can i work for several different ones at the same time like you would for example the gallente and minmatar agents?

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Forget Blood Raider, their stuff is mostly worthless thanks to goons.

Angel is pretty nice for the ship BPC, Serpentis for the ships and the Snake implants. Those two go well together and have stations in Curse.

Sansha is pretty nice for the ships and the Slave implants. Guristas also for the ships and the Crystal implants. They also go well together but they only inhabit their own regions without overlapping. Sansha have a huge region with tons of stations so that you can find quiet corners to run missions without much interference by others. Guristas only have a few stations in their region which are all occupied by Russians and some weird goon mission runners farming the Gilas and Rattles for their incompetent Delve ratters.


I was thinking of curse tbvh, Stain seems too inaccessible for resupplying and such and it would seem the serpentis have a lot going on in their lp stores. I believe you have confirmed this for me ty :slight_smile:

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right now, for 1M LP and indexed on the truesec :

  • HS reaches 2460 isk/LP for thukkers ; 2000 isk/LP easily reached
  • LS reaches 3360 isk/LP but it’s a specific thukkers offer, otherwise 2900 isk/LP is the best and 2700 isk/LP is average
  • NS reaches 5770 for sansha, 5600 for serps, 5240 for syndicate, 4140 for thukker, 4000 for CN, 3940 for guristas. That means for the same mission, assuming same jumps, you’d get 46% more isk value of LP from doing it for correct sansha than for correct guristas.

Tip: Don’t use ships that consume ammunition to run L4 missions if you do other missions than Burners. Dominixes are awesome ships for L4s and only very rarely require you to purchase a new sentry drone.

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just look up what factions they are friendly with… then find a way to do pirate missions but beware… they do a lot of missions vs empire…

That’s not an issue. You have your dedicated alt to run these missions. Anything else is just a receipt for disaster and hilarity.

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