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Hi everyone,
So I am just starting my way into fighting for angels. I am enjoying it fighting as a pirate is actually fun. “Suck it concord”. I’m still on lvl 1s as i grind up standings but I wanted to know what the community would recommend as these mission are in big bad null as i work my way up to harder missions. All suggestions are welcome my goal is to do the missions quickly so I can get more lp to buy the nice stuff in the angels stores.

Honestly. Don’t bother with null lvl 4s. The bounties are better yes. But the missions take longer and require a more expensive ship. LP is what you are going to make your money on, and for that lvl 3s are a much better option.

Null lvl 3s give about as much LP as HS lvl 4s do. Except they can be completed in a fraction of the time and in a much cheaper ship. Any faction or t2 cruiser can handle them no problem. Personally I’m a fan of the cynabal, it’s lightning fast which can help if unfriendlies show up. And even in a pvp fit it doesn’t loose much efficiency compared to other ships.

It also has the advantage of being very much in theme, and with access to cheep bpcs it should be easy and cheep to replace out there.


A normal Dominix can run Angel L4s just fine. Biggest advantage of the Dominix over most other hulls is that it does not use ammo. Procuring ammunition in Curse is very annoying if you chew through a lot during your missions. Sentry Drones, on the other hand, practically never die if you pay attention. For most parts, the good Null sec L4s are the same as High sec. Pirate Invasion is Police Invasion, Sansha Blockade is DED Blockade, Worlds Collide Sansha/Blood Raider (or what the combination in HS is) is Worlds Collide Sansha/Federation Navy (you obviously take the Fed Navy route and have a chance for a nice faction spawn in the Fed Navy room). And there are quick L4s like Feeding Frenzy, Surprise Surprise, Gone Berserk, Massive Attack, Foil the Military Preparation, which don’t take much time but give nice tag amounts.
Another good thing about L4s are their tags. They mean serious money even if you sell them to the cheap NPC buy orders in Curse. Some of these tags are also highly sought after in high sec for LP Store items and give a lot more ISK from player Buy Orders or selling via sell orders in Jita or Amarr. Some Republic Fleet tags in particular and to a lesser extend Federation Navy tags are in high demand in the hubs.
Optional plus: If you are a real pro and have friends/alts you can run the Burner missions, which are quick, give lots of LP, but require a lot of traveling around and may cost you your ship in the mission rather than on route to the mission. I stay away from them as far as possible but some people like the challenge.

The added bonus of many of the L4 missions is that they stay in your system, which means you do not run the danger of getting hunted on route or run into a gate camp. Especially at the moment with lots of groups using Curse as their activity home, this is a big plus.

I don’t see a reason to ignore L4s. Mixing and matching L3s and L4s for even more rewards is the way to go.

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Full-clearing missions in nullsec is just begging to be probed and either ganked outright or having your mission site camped forever by some bored Russian. I’ll do it myself just to stop you from full-clearing missions, it’s for your own good.

You need to Blitz, and you need to run Anomic Missions. Any less than that is shooting yourself in the foot and wasting so much of the potential that null-sec mission hubs can offer you.

Edit: You can run anomic missions in null-sec with solo ships, you don’t need multi-ship alt fleets. Just use an alt to pre-scout for you and you’re golden.

Any suggestions on fits? I like that idea of using the cynabal, I cant fly it yet but it would very much fit in line with what Id like to do rp wise.

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