Angel Cartel Missions

Are missions for the Angel Cartel worth heading down to Null for? Is doing missions in Curse even possible without getting shot down in 5 seconds? Looking for a change of pace from highsec missions and wanted PvP on my doorstep too.

Cheers in advance o7

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They are worth doing. And you don’t get shot at all if you know how to navigate. For instance, you can run only certain missions that are in your agent’s system. You can also have ships distributed around your agent’s system so that you ceptor to them and don’t move your mission ships. If you want to run burner missions, you will lose ships very likely more often to the missions than to gate camps.

Personally, I prefer to not leave my main mission agent’s system at all. I run L4s with a BS there and make enough LP, tags and ISK to have a nice income. And I don’t run missions in the best mission systems, like H-ADOC or G-0, which also keeps your mission running safer.


Cheers for this.

Do you run the missions in a T1 ship so that it’s cheaper to lose, or can you run a rattlesnake/mach without too much worry?

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A T1 ship. My experience is that people tend to lose interest in finding you if you are just a measly T1 BS or BC. Pirate BS or T2 BS and other shiny ships just attract too much attention in my opinion. A Sentry Dominix do the job just fine. Sentries are important if someone combat probes you because you can just scoop them and get out before they get a bearing on you). Heavy Drones take too much time to get back to you, which gives combat probers enough time to probe those or you and then camp your mission.

If you pay close attention to your surroundings and/or get an agreement with locals in your system’s neighborhood, you can also use blingy faction ships. They obviously improve the speed with which you run your missions.


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