Ratting and PvE ship for high sec/loe sec

Howdy fellow eve players.

Id like to do some combat sites in high sec and maby even low sec. I live in minmstar region so i ratt angel cartel. I guess I will need a shield ship with explosive and kinetic resistence. Now the question is what ship.? I know the gila for sure but I was thinking for smthing else… a t1 ship with lower cost. I also would like to do these DED sites. They say they give alot of isk…
So what do you suggest?

You better not get fooled by the stereotypical damages. Lots of Angel NPC deal a lot more EM or Thermal damage then Explosive or Kinetic.

https://eveinfo.com/npcships/ -> https://eveinfo.com/npcships/595/deadspace-angel-cartel-cruiser/ -> look at the Centurions, for instance.

As for the ships: Stratioses should work fine. Lots of mobility, they are cloaky, and use drones, which saves you ammo and gives you lots of versatility. You can also refit them for PVP with neuts and scram/web.
I have not tried it yet, but Combat Recons like the Rook or Curse might also be a nice idea for those purposes. The Rook has lots of DPS with HAM, the Curse acceptable drone dps. Biggest plus: They don’t appear on dscan.
Ishtars using the Cloak-MWD trick also work in low sec, but that trick needs some practice to work flawlessly. They also use drones, so no ammo waste.
If you have several characters, consider training Cynosural Field Theory V on one of them, and BLOPS on the other, so that you can just BLOPS around in low sec to run these sites. Sins are really good for that because they use drones.

Stratios or Tengu.

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