Information on null sec pirate missions

Is running pirate faction missions in null sec profitable? Thinking of grinding standings with one of the factions that have decent implants sets etc. Anyone got any experience in this?


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Try the Google docs in this thread:

If you are going for total null life that’s kool, but if you are planning on living in empire space be careful not to drop to far without a repair plan, ORE space is pretty good, lots of unique items that fetch a premium, or guristas and Mordu’s Legion command all fetch really nice isk for BPC, worth twice as much as empire stuff.

no L4 for ore.

Other than that, the best LP store ATM is the blood one, with indexed 7.7 k isk/lp sobo (thukker LS is 2.6 and best in HS is 1.9, while soe is 1.4 in HS)

Mordus are garbage 3.1, guristas are bad 4.3 , angel are ultra vomit 1.7(worse than in HS !), and sansha are dumpster 2.8.

Serp are correct 5.3 but syndicate is garbage 3.1 .

So blood are the base value ATM with 7.7, meaning second best is serp with 69% of the highest, followed by guristas with 56% of that value.

Note : the value I give consider that you require the same time completing a mission (including undocking, etc) and only the LP reward. ISK reward is pretty much irrelevant anyhow.

Looking at L3s (to include ORE) , ORE mindlink and cargohold reach 5k but the total volume exchanged is 8M LP/day.
Meanwhile blood has a 8k isk/LP for L3s … with more LP/days
Ore is next, then serp are just below with 4.9

TLDR : ATM it’s blood or nope. Be it L3 or L4, nothing gets above 70% of blood LP indexed value.

Note : you’ll see in very different values. That’s because those are raw offer values, so not indexed on the agent ; and I consider a starting point of 1M LP while the values here are for one offer.


Those also drop in asteroid belts every now and then. Of course not an entire set but I stumbled upon a hg-slave omega twice while I lived in Stain.

Yeah I’ve done it. Probably just about broke even, but my losses were really just one stupid mistake that I made early on, learned from and wouldn’t make again. Since then it’s been profitable. Not super profitable, but profitable.

More importantly, it was quite fun. NPC null is pretty exciting and has challenges you don’t find anywhere else. I periodically head back out there, but I’m drawn to it by the fun, not the money.

I started with the Guristas epic arc, which was fun, doable in an interceptor (which makes it far safer in null), and gives a gila blueprint at the end, as well as a huge faction standing bump. I’d recommend doing that and see what you think.

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