Recommendation for NPC corps having a decent LP/ISK ratio

I am always doing level 2 or level 3 security missions for big NPC corps such as Federation Navy to have a reduced taxation in major trade hub. But these corps tend to have bad LP/ISK ratio.

So besides Sisters of EVE (SOE) and Trust Partners (Thukker Tribe), is there any good corp to have decent LP/ISK ratio that won’t ruin standings with 4 major empires much? Please recommendation the location of mission hubs as well if possible.

price = supply/demand

And nothing more to add here.

Prices in faction LP store are crap because:

  • they have terrible stuff there so no one what buy it (low demand)
  • everyone run missions for them (high supply)
  • both that thing in same time

This can give you general idea about price of LP.

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If you are trying to maximize your LP to isk, gotta use tools like eve market and fuzzy works, then do some math and spread sheeting to find out the best pay out.

That said idk how people are getting 1000 isk to lp anymore all my calculations, at least for federation NPC corps, comes out to around 500 lp per isk net.

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Huh, well I’m a potato, looks like I have a use for all my Concord LP


IIRC it’s divided by 4 for pirate factions. Still better than gallente.
I have 1480 isk/lp for 2M concord LP on the ore ATM, to direct orders. No idea for average /daily nor daily volume.

edit : actually ore is 10% more average than sobo.

Also steeve site is wrong, again.

For ORE it’s .8 to 1 lp right? Concord to ORE

Divided by FOUR so 1/4 = .25, ie .25 to 1

Seems I’m bad, it’s 0.4 actually. long time I checked.

Ouch for ORE? Damn that’s rough

ore is pirate faction.

Remember it’s hold by serpentis.

edit : maybe I’m bad, I did not check the value and just searched for answers on internet. Tell me if I’m wrong, ATM I assume all pirate faction are 0.4 (it’s hardcoded in a program that generates the concord rate of corporations)

	private static double convertConcordRate(String name, String alliance, String fw) {
		if (fw != null) {
			return 0;
		switch (alliance) {
		case "CONCORD Assembly":
			return 1;
		case "Amarr Empire":
		case "Ammatar Mandate":
		case "Caldari State":
		case "Gallente Federation":
		case "Khanid Kingdom":
		case "Minmatar Republic":
			return 0.8;
		case "ORE":
		case "The Syndicate":
		case "Thukker Tribe":
		case "Servant Sisters of EVE":
			return 0.4;
		return 0;

According to eveU it’s a 60% exchange rate, unless that’s outdated

I wonder where you found that, on the opposite I found

which states that ore is 0.4

Oh no that’s saying you are getting .4 per 1 point, that’s a 60% loss not a 25% ratio.

So I was incorrect in that it’s not a 60% ratio, it’s a 60% LOSS ratio

that’s what I was saying

The point is, you multiply the isk/lp by 0.4

Just don’t mix loss and gain in the same sentence, it makes no sense to pass from one to another in the same post. If you get a convertion rate, it’s the amount of LP you have for the amount of LP you invested, AKA efficiency - no need to talk about the efficiency loss. Keep your math simple stupid.

Oh yeah I agree I think we both know what it is, end of the day 1 Concord LP equals .4 ore.

Now that said the fun math comes into play when you need to calculate if the lp loss from converting to a pirate factions is worth it for the net gain from ORE lp items or if it’s more profitable to convert at a better rate, 20% loss, for faction items which while they sell at a lower lp to isk, your not loosing 20% of the LP in the process which would need to be taken into account to get an accurate net lp to isk pay out

Like if I just did my napkin math right
One of the implants from ORE comes out to almost 2k isk per LP, but it we assume transferring from Concord, it’s closer to 700 isk per LP

FFS you don’t need it.
Just IGNORE the LP loss. No reason to use it.

You can do the comparison on offers with ONLY the LP ratio, so why bother complexifying your math and thus making wrong math ?

One Ore offer is 8k isk/lp. So converted from concord it becomes 8*0.4 = 3200 isk/CLP. You can then compare this offer’s concord worth to all other offers’ concord worth, because CLP is the same for all corporation - just isk/CLP changes according to offer.

Nothing more, nothing less. If you use a “loss ratio” then you do it wrong.

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