There needs to be a rebalance on LP stores right now the only one it's profitable is the sisters of Eve

I’m not saying Nerf sisters of Eve but add some more new items worth something into the lp stores for the other corporations so people have an incentive to actually do ■■■■ for them


Mandatory please add Interbus LP store while you are at it.


The profitability of LP stores is tied entirely to the player market. If soe is the only one worth running right now. Then more people will run it and it will drop, which means less people running the others which will make them rise.

It is self regulating. No adjustments required.


The others will never be worth running because they have no special items that people want or that can be acquired easier from other methods.

Imo just add faction weapons that can use t2 ammo and make them specific. For example Spacelane Patrol Railgun. Spacelane Patrol would have no weapon but the rail guns. I’m all for buffing the insignificant corporations and giving people a reason to get LP for them.


dunno what kind of fits your seeing. but i make a killing from importing concord and caldari navy mods. imp navy moves pretty quickly as well (although not quite as fast since we don’t use armor as often down here)

the demand is pretty huge, but because of high demand means more people run them since the mods move quickly, which keeps the prices low. SOE may have a higher profit margin, but aside from soe probes and scanners (which don’t get used or lost NEARLY as often as combat mods) there isn’t much in the way of demand. so profits are better, but they move slower, which actually results in less isk over time.


What? You know you can right click sell sisters probe launchers in the same station that you run missions and make more isk/LP (by far) than doing navy sell orders.

then do that until the supply threshold gets reached.
seems like a good opportunity you found, i’d delete your post before others clue in :smiley:


Bingo BANGO!

I run Gallente L4’s and there are oodles of mods that are highly sought after which require little time, effort, isk and LP to generate huge profit margins for me.

What you’re really saying is that you should have posted this in the proper forum because there is a specific thing you want from a specific LP store?

The threshold never gets reached. The items are too popular

Then congrats, keep making isk.

It sounds like you ran a bunch of empire missions and are now regretting doing them instead of SOE missions because the lp sucks.

For the most part, I used to make a killing on caldari LP. Now I have like 3 mill Concord LP that I have no idea what to spend on, but most empire factions have something that is pretty good.

They usually require a trade of tags or something though so you will have to calculate the profit margins manually. But no one said making isk was easy.

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I highly encourage everyone to run SOE missions and leave those other pathetic LP markets completely alone.


I run SOE. I would like to have a meaningful choice to make rather than just picking out of the couple best.

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The only special thing about SOE LP is that their products does not depend on some faction tags. But there is a plenty other LP stores, with much higher LP/ISK ratio. Like Thukkers LP store, for example.


That’s the main problem with mission running, there just aren’t enough tags.

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Missing running. Ewwwwww…


Wow you are wrong! LP has some pretty historical high values not seen since LP stores first came out, can regularly trade in the 2-3k isk/lp range, sure when they first came out you could get 3-5k since people didn’t know any better but that pretty quickly settled in to the 1-2k range. These days SoE is so over farmed it’s gotten pretty meh, like 1500 is a good day.

hell, I’ll even give you an item, fed navy webs have been sitting around 3k isk/lp for months go farm some.

well there’s your problem you are competing with FW and lv5 runners that have more LP than they know what to do with. your main options are 500-1000 isk/lp or sit on it for years and hope for a good price every so often.

All that said I’d still like to see an LP store pass, so many worthless items although I suppose they probably want to finish module tiericide first since that might make a few offers more viable looking at you faction guns.

wrong it’s been dominating for the last 3 to 4 years

My Problem with the LP store would have to be Faction gun Cost 200mil to build, its worth in stats is less than t2 and sells on market for 1/10th the price. The only thing’s that are priced very well LP wise are ship’s they are pretty well balanced.

the Federation Navy comet cost 80000 LP so that’s not true
the only exception to that is faction Warfare the ships are cheaper in faction Warfare but they still cost more then they’re worth on the market

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