LP Extractors to standardize LP sales

I really like the Skill Extractor idea and the mechanics behind it.

I wish that CCP would allow us to do something similar with LP where we go to the LP store of a faction/corp that we have LP with and let us buy something that can be redeemed for LP. They can be bought in incriments of 10k LP for a small and 50k LP for a large. This LP injector/tag item would then be sold on the market and can be bought and redeemed by a purchaser at a store for LP. These items would be physical objects that are hauled and can be ganked.

Just an idea.


So different items sell for different ISK/LP value. And you want to standardize that value. You probably see a hassle behind the LP liquidation process so you want to convert your LP to tokens that are easily transferable. But in the current market I see different options and variation that rewards smart and dedicated people.

This game is still not WoW. Not every process has to be hassle free. Especially when in the end its the creative and the smart who gets rewarded.

Not sure if it is good idea or even needed.

Skill extractor enable SP tranding, which was not possible before.

On the other hand, LP is easily converted into items and sell in market. So the mechanism, though indirect, for LP trading is already there.

Considering LP is a more “relationship” related thing, I’d consider that happen as being able to buy a “[race] letter of recommendation” or something, only able to redeem for the same faction (because it would be weird if the enemies of the Gallente sent you saying you’re a good guy), and you would, of course, receive less LP than you had when you bought the letter, like 80% or something dunno, cause it’s not by letters that people trust you right away.

Always been against this. Higher lp items often get a better isk/lp conversion because it takes more individual effort to reach.

Lp is the quantification of how willing a corp is to give you discounted items for work done. It’s not something you hand over by letter of recommendation or trade.

rather than an “extractor” simply put an “LP token” or “certification of service” or whatever fluff name you want to call it into the LP store, that can be exchanged for concord LP (which can in turn be exchanged for any non-pirate LP) with plex prices increasing as it is, we don’t need any more plex sinks until things stabilize.

it would allow for easier LP sales, would have a “tax” included reducing the total amount of lp for sake of convenience, and would provide a slight nerf to incursion income (apparently a lot of people are crying about that) since concord LP would become more accessible outside of incursions.

So ■■■■ everyone else??

Its not true for FW either.

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Indeed it is true for fw.

No. It depends on a whole lot of other stuff.

  1. Do you need to freight it or can you carry it in smaller ships? (makes implants, blueprints etc low value, drones, cap boosters, ships etc better value)
  2. How much ISK you need to liquidate per LP? (Makes some modules best value, ships and some other modules worse value)
  3. Is your faction high tier right now? (Makes “private to your faction” stuff low value, “common to all factions stuff” high value.

and a ton of other factors.

(But this still supports the fact that this complex market rewards smart and dedicated people, thus there is no need for an LP token.)

I liquidate 5m fw LP per day that I play Eve. If what you say was true, navy battleships would be the commodity for best ISK/lp because they are the most expensive item in the LP store. I’ve been in 3 factions, and they were never the best option. What you say is based on the theory that smalltime players spend their LP to stuff that they can purchase with low LP. The mistake here is FW market prices do not depend on these people. They depend on people like me. Sometimes when I need some quick ISK I crash the market for navy cap boosters for a day or two.

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I didn’t say the HIGHEST lp cost items were, but that there are higher lp cost items that get better rewards.

Lp token would make it worse. It would push the isk/lp toward the lowest end of the scale for all items in all lp stores.

Well, its possible for one person to make more LP/hr in FW level 4s than level 5s. What devalues stuff is mission farmers in general. That’s why the real FW people hate mission farmers.

On the other hand, these missions are among very few of proper ISKmaking methods that doesn’t involve joining a nullsec empire. So they are important for the greater scheme of things.

Well what’s the gist of this statement? Yes there are, but in my post I argued that that’s just correlation and not causation.

Once you make lp a tradeable currency, isk/lp will shift for most items in an lp store toward the most frequently traded and lower lp cost items.

Low demand items will still be crap. But higher reward items lose value.

Not really. As I said, market prices depend less on those who currently buy low LP cost items but would merely exchange tokens for ISK in a new system, and more on those who farm missions so hard and who already liquidate 5m LP per day. This second group are the people who keep the majority of items in an LP store more or less at the same ISK/lp level, because they go wherever there is more profit, seed the market, and eventually devalue items that are more rewarding than the rest.

There are “higher reward” items but their “higher reward” depends on the logistics of getting/hauling/selling them. Not on how much LP they currently cost. For example, to liquidate my 5m LP on navy shield extenders, I need to haul 8 billion to Hek, and 13 billion back to jita. But that requires some 8 billion capital in the first place, many others refrain from them, so it becomes more rewarding ISK/LP-wise. But when people like me do it enough, they eventually pull its price back to the normal values of the faction.

Its great that you’re getting all circumstantial. But it’s irrelevant to my point.

Some items WILL be devalued by this in terms of raw lp/isk conversions. And thats what matters to people like me, because movement of goods or capital in this iteration of eve is trivial.

I just listed you factors that decide market values of LP store items. Its like you recently learned the word “circumstantial” and throwing it around here.

No, they won’t. That was my point. You have a theory that “low LP cost items are also low in terms of ISK/LP because people buy them too much”. People don’t buy them for this particular reason in amounts that can affect market prices. If you didn’t read my previous post carefully, or cannot still comprehend my point now, there is no point in expanding on it further.

It’s you that keeps misunderstanding me. For the third time.

There are some items that are better for conversions at the higher end of the lp cost in stores. This will be at least partly because they take an larger amount of individual effort to acquire.

Once lp’s can be extracted and exchanged, individual effort becomes irrelevant because you just buy multiple injectors. Injectors that have their price mostly set by players looking for instant cash (the people trading lower lp cost items and instant selling).

Don’t whine at me that i can’t comprehend your point when you cant put two and two together.

That’s what I kept repeating. The effort that makes items have better conversion rates is having the initial capital, and hauling. These would not change with the proposed token. The buyers of these tokens will have to go through the same hauling/capital effort to liquidate them. On the other hand, for items that are high LP cost on the LP store, being able to stockpile some 250k LP is not too much of an ‘effort’. People for whom acquiring 250k LP is too much effort do not affect item prices anyway, because their market share is negligible (even when you put them all together).

I understand your point. You don’t understand mine. I think it’s probably because you didn’t do any major business in LP market and you don’t even know what I’m talking about. You have the faulty assumption that “high LP cost items have better conversions due to them being high LP costs”. You keep repeating this, I keep telling you its not true, and you do not say anything new for 3 more posts. Again;

  1. Higher LP cost items do not have better conversions. There is not even a correlation there. Let me give you some current examples of items with best conversions. Imperial Navy 1600mm Steel Plates (10k lp), Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender (10k lp), Maulus Navy Issue (10k lp), etc etc. All of these are pretty cheap items, both in LP and in ISK. So as a poor player you can buy one or two. Meanwhile, battleships (250k LP) and BC’s (100k LP) will be at medium level conversion rates and other stuff (scrams, webs, implants – 80k LP) will absolutely suck for conversions. Go here check conversions for yourself: LP Store - Return on ISK

  2. The “high LP cost items’” current conversion rates do not depend on the fact that some low key players refrain from buying them. So give low key players tokens for instant cash, and nothing would change. There would just be a middle man now, doing the conversion stuff. And it might not even be worth it if CCP gets a hefty cut like they do in the injectors.

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