LP Trading, Extracting, and Injecting

Continuing the discussion from LP Extractors to standardize LP sales:

It’s a good idea. And you have stated a good precedent i.e Skill injectors.

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It’s not a good idea for me. How can you explain extracting loyalty?

If you want an LP item, but don’t want to be loyal to a faction just buy it with ISK. otherwise those earning LP will simply pick the easiest fastest method to do so and then extract/inject into the current best isk/lp. This screws over everyone earning those LP the traditional way, i.e. through actual loyalty.

ed: for the record, I was entirely against SP trading too.

LP extraction/trading would give mission runners an additional source of revenue…


Yeah, I’m generally against this. If there were a conversion, I’d do a conversion rate based on the standings relationships. Like if the corps had a 2.0 standings to eachother, you’d only get 20% of the LP. That seams like a reasonable balance between a hard “no” and a “yes”. In addition to keeping the important flavor and RP aspects, it would also preserve the LP markets by limiting profitability.

edit: I’d imagine a lot of the difficulty in implementation as posted in the OP would be issues with the legacy code of the LP store. Really, for the health of the code, the whole LP store system needs to be ripped out and replaced, just as soon as CCP can justify it.

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I’d be pretty easy to do. Simply delete LP and convert it into standings. Burn your standings to request a specific item from the group in question.

it would also lower the price of most lp items.

The solution was mentioned YEARS ago, we’re talking 06 and possibly before that. Removal of corp level LP, however keeping corp level standings for purposes such as refine and tax rates. So in effect, the only change would be that each corp now rewards LP towards their respective faction.

This would simplify the system without causing damage to the market (aside from the initial rush from merging all the loose LP into one of a few pools). Then, if they really wanted to do LP trading this could open that up. Not that I’m at all for LP trading at all. I’m just for the simplifying of what is effectively a new player system - as much as some players like to run missions their entire eve career.

In “short,” LP factions are reduced to:

  • Amarr Navy
  • Amarr Empire
  • Caldari Navy
  • Caldari State
  • Federation Navy
  • Gallente Federation
  • Republic Fleet
  • Minmatar Republic
  • ORE
  • Angel Cartel
  • Guristas Pirates
  • Mordu’s Legion
  • Sansha’s Nation
  • Serptentis
  • Blood Raider
  • The Syndicate
  • Thukker
  • Sisters of EVE

I’m sure there’s more but that’s literally all I can think of off the top of my head. But you get the idea, Fixing the system isn’t really the hard part. The hard part will explaining how a player can earn, then sell off loyalty to a complete stranger. However, I feel that is never going to happen nor that it should.

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How? and why must i write 5 ■■■■■■■ characters all the time dammit

Not even that many.

Well, maybe, aside from merging the various “navy” ones into their parent faction to begin with. It simplifies things by reducing the potential LP pools down to what amounts to the “parents” of faction modules.

As for trading LP, the current system is already effective enough. If you’re buying LP from someone, isnt it usually in the form of a module, ship, bpc or something anyways?

Each of the main 4 factions require 2 due to faction warfare being a thing. Then the factions that offer special modules related to that specific faction is how I came up with that.

Sure it could be merged down more, but not without taking away what makes FW LP unique and desirable.

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